GUEST POST from David: UK Vacation, Sept. 2022 – Day 15

Tuesday 4th October 2022

We both woke up this morning feeling a little lethargic and starting to wonder if three weeks is going to be a little too much. Don’t know why, but there it is. We had a good chat about it and decided to press on and go home as planned.

Had breakfast as normal and left Dunfermline at 9:45am heading to Edinburgh and the southern ring road that will take us to the roads we want. It was pouring with rain this morning and traffic in and around Edinburgh was quite heavy, so we had to be careful with the soaking wet roads too. We found the A66 road heading south and waved goodbye to Edinburgh. Rain was persisting down and the road was way more busier than I remembered it from years ago. Heavy trucks going south towards Newcastle-upon-Tyne and we had to be patient to pass them as this was pretty much a single carriageway road all the way. We had booked a Holiday Inn just south of Newcastle for tonight but we were way too early for that, so out came the iPad and we cancel that with no penalty.

We by-passed Newcastle and headed into Sunderland where I lived when I was a young lad aged 11. Straight into the city centre and out the other side heading for Seabird, the local seaside place. It was pretty much empty apart from a few stragglers and seniors like ourselves. We found a fish and chip restaurant and dived in there for a late lunch. All very nice as usual and back to the car and out the other end and heading south out of Sunderland. We eventually got onto the A1(M) – a motorway class road with faster traffic. We carried on heading south. Not worth stopping anywhere as it was still raining hard. The A1(M) met up with the start of the M1 proper – Britain’s first motorway ever that came about in the early 1960s. We pressed on past Leeds, Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham and pulled into a Holiday Inn Express at a place called South Normanton (Alfreton) in Derbyshire. We had a nice pleasant evening here with a couple of drinks and an evening meal.

This has been part 15 of a series of posts highlighting the trip of a British ex-pat in the US when he returns to the UK for a vacation. He shares the experiences with us here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the next few weeks. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have, and seeing the areas he (and his lovely wife) visit, through my friend David’s eyes. ~ Sherry

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