Goodbye to Facebook

Facebook has been a BIG part of my life for well over a decade. But after tomorrow, I will be deleting my account.

There have been things going on there that point to a new Facebook, one that I don’t want to use, and in fact find offensive. For months now Facebook has been hiding and deleting posts that it claims are in error. No matter if these posts were clearly marked as opinion, or if they were written by – or about – respected experts in their field. No matter the truth of the matter, or the sincerity or the honesty. This has led to the realization by many that this company that previously claimed to be a place of open communication has an agenda. Why else would they claim that truths are lies, or deny people of certain political or religious or ideological persuasions the same rights to post as those they obviously want to promote?

This isn’t free speech, but it IS an unwritten and oft-denied policy that several media giants, all of the same apparent mindset, have been practicing more and more. People who espouse beliefs or opinions that don’t agree with the platform are losing their accounts all the while those with the views which do agree are being promoted. It is so blatant that it is impossible to miss.

I can’t tell any company what they can and can’t do – whether they’re right or wrong – legal or illegal – I’m not in charge of them. But I do have to make a choice whether I want to take part, and thereby support and even promote, their actions. And if I choose to continue to participate in something I believe fervently is unfair, wrong, or even illegal (which remains to be seen) then I really have no right to complain about wrongdoing; I’m part of it.

But I won’t be. I have already left Twitter for the same reason. And now that Facebook is sending messages daily that their terms of service are changing – DAILY, which they’ve never done before and indicates to me a BIG CHANGE (I read the new TOS, read them for yourself, it IS that important!) – and I don’t agree with them…then it’s time to part ways. What is going on now with regard to their censorship is only going to get much worse, this time though, with the new TOS, they will claim we were warned and that’s the end of their “responsibility”…

There is more to it than I’ve written – a much bigger picture – but this isn’t about all that, this is about my own choice and the reasons for it.

I have many friends and family that I love there, and have made every accommodation that I can to maintain our relationships without Facebook, including this blog as well as a half-dozen other social platforms. I’ve put my email address out there, and will give to my phone number to anyone who wants to talk or text. And I pray that I won’t lose contact with those I hold dear, where our main source of communication has been Facebook.

So after tomorrow, I will have taken another step toward fully living within my conscience and ideals, and rejecting any entity or group that tries to make me deny that. Period.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to Facebook

  1. Well…you have my information. Phone….text me any time you want to check in on me. I have your blog posted on my blog. It shows the latest update. Good night~

    1. OH! That’s something I never did – a blog roll! (Do they still call it that?) I need to get to that right away, I’m glad you wrote! And yes, I’m so glad that you and I can stay in touch! (I don’t have emojis on this computer/browser yet but I’d put a few hearts here if I did!)

  2. I agree with you and we have always stood side-by-side on matters of truth and against agendas that are against free speech to certain groups while promoting the lies of others. I, too, am leaving FakeBook and have already told others why. It will be sad to lose contact with the good people I have known but it is a matter of choice – mine to leave – theirs, if they choose to stay.
    Jesus come swiftly and God have mercy on us. Our country is dying – like the Romans, the Aztecs and other civilizations.

    1. You have a lot more FB friends than I do…I have only a few but they are all precious to me. For most I am still connected either on other platforms, or I have email addresses/phone numbers.

  3. You may be gone from Facebook but you are not forgotten. It gave us our friendship and that I will be forever grateful.

    Guess it’s time for me to start following you here.

    1. I’m uploading a Vlog right now, too! But this is definitely where I spend the most time, it’s less of a blog and more of a page now. At any rate I’m sure glad you’re here, I have your gmail address now too ?

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