Final Indiana Trip Post – Summary/Costs

This post will, as promised, cover the costs of my mini-vaca with my sister, and I will also provide a list of links to my other posts about it.

The biggest expenses were, of course, gas and lodging. I spent $160 on gas, total, but not all of it was used for the actual trip. Given my total mileage (miles, mpg) my gas expense was right around $110. Half of the motel bill was $136, plus tip for housekeeper, $146.

Meals: $60.40 – Bought one meal/day; includes $10 for tips for one meal
Shopping: $120.89 (6 stores)

TOTAL $437.29

VIDEO – May 24, 2022 Vlog #2099 – Indiana Trip, Day 1
VIDEO – May 25, 2022 Vlog #2100 – Indiana Trip, Day 2: Thrift Shopping!
VIDEO – May 26, 2022 Vlog #2101 – Indiana Trip, Day 3: MORE Thrift Shopping!
VIDEO SHORT: Annie Wanna Go For A Walk?
VIDEO – May 27, 2022 Vlog #2102 – Indiana Day 4
VIDEO – May 26, 2022 Indiana Thrift Hauls

Thanks for letting me share this with you! I felt the need to document everything, and figured I may as well post the data here in case anyone else is interested. And now I’m done talking about my trip to Indiana…until the next one!


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