Feb. 13, 2021 River Photos/Video by Pete

Pete took a lot of photos today or the river than runs directly behind our motorhome (and 22′ below). Though I haven’t been able to get down there yet I can see that it looks a LOT different in the winter than in the summer! We didn’t think that the river would freeze because it moves so fast and is so big, but with the extreme cold we’re having for a few weeks this month, it just might!

I will post his photos as a slideshow, and then will post his video below. Note that these have been optimized as I’m using my host server space and bandwidth which is definitely finite.

2 thoughts on “Feb. 13, 2021 River Photos/Video by Pete

  1. River still runs fast even under the ice and snow. I would not trust trying to get to the other side by walking on it.

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