Day In The Life – Aug. 29, 2020

I think it’s so cute how Chuy just sits on the table like he belongs there! Soon after we got him (from Craig’s list) he jumped up on the table in the dining room – we were still living in the house – to look out the window. We were so shocked! He just likes being on tables, I guess…though this is the only one we allow him on, so he can look out the window when Maisie is on the chair.

Yes, I know this is blurry, but it was so funny, first time she’s done this: I had asked Maisie to find something in this plastic basket I keep next to the bed where I store USB charging blocks, a couple of pens, a micro cloth for cleaning my screens, my mouse, a flashlight, TV remote, etc. After she found it and gave it to me she went back in and just started handing me stuff out of the basket, one after another, whatever she could lay her mouth on. I didn’t reward her properly but of course I was laughing, which egged her on. She’s never done that before!


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