Amish Store Shopping, Fish Dinner

We had a great time getting out to one of the local Amish stores to do some shopping (Pete got enough snacks to last until the snow falls I think!) and then to go to a local diner for their Friday night fish dinner. (Friday night fish dinners are a Thing here, you know…) It was a cooler day today, though muggy, and it was great to get out with my wonderful husband again!

13 thoughts on “Amish Store Shopping, Fish Dinner

      1. Yes, I do!!! YUMMY!!! Think of it often, including those cardboard plates and how they stapled them together. Wasn’t that cardboard biodegradable? Genius!

        Now we use styro, not so genius.

        1. YES, in fact Pete brought home some similar cardboard plates recently and it was instant deja vu! As I picked them up I “saw” them stapled around a frog leg dinner in my mind!

  1. My favorite type of presentation here are the pics & text ones. Not sure what’s easiest to produce, but since you asked, I prefer the pics & text ones. But that’s okay, it’s just me. Do what you need to do.

      1. Hmmm…JK is fine. I know I can use emojis on the blog but wasn’t aware that you couldn’t – that’s a bummer because they’re worth, if not a thousand, at least 47 words or so… ?

    1. Those pics/text ones are very easy to do, and I like them too (when I look at other blogs). I can just use, say, a couple dozen words and the picture is worth the other 976!

  2. Your Fish & Chips Dinner looked so good!!!

    Hope you and Pete have a great week-end

    Cuddle the babies for me please!!!

    xoxo, Jodi

    1. Oh it was a wonderful dinner, that restaurant does a great job with all of their meals I think! So far so good this weekend, no big plans except the ukulele “fest” online, it starts in about an hour. I hope you and Katie have a lovely weekend too my friend! ?

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