Amish Grocery Hauls – Sept 24, 2022

This morning we went to one of our favorite local Amish stores for some groceries and got some fantastic bargains! Then we stopped at one of the dozens of Amish roadside stands around here (Clare County, MI) for some more produce. (We usually don’t shop the Amish stores on Saturdays since they’re always packed, lots of people from the cities, and since we live here it’s easy to go during the week…but we were out, and it was early, so we gave it a shot…with great success!)

2 thoughts on “Amish Grocery Hauls – Sept 24, 2022

  1. WOW! You guys SCORED! I got groceries yesterday (Fri., Sept.23) and spent $104 for not NEARLY as much ‘goodness’. Great job you guys! (We don’t seem to have Amish stores around where I live.)

    1. Yes, we always get great prices but this one was a particularly great score :). We stocked up on several things! We do love our Amish stores :). It’s a blessing anytime we can fill our larders though, isn’t it!

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