After Midnight & BIG STORMS!

NASTY storms moving through the state…power is out here and the wind gusts/noise have been suggestive of a possible tornado too-close-for-comfort. Thankful for living in a motorhome – lights and other DC electrical devices run off the house battery; electrical outlets (and whatever is plugged into them of course) is what we’ve lost, and we can use our power station to run or charge electronics. And we cook with propane. And if power is still out tomorrow we can run the generator. So it isn’t a “huge issue” like it was when we lived in a house, just a minor inconvenience. A “huge issue” could be the wind but we’re praying for God’s protection, not just for us of course…but all in the path of this nasty storm!

2 thoughts on “After Midnight & BIG STORMS!

  1. Heavenly Father, Please keep Sherry and Pete and animals and their home and property safe, along with their neighbors in this storm. Provide for them what they need. In Jesus Name, Amen….xoxo

    1. Thank you Cathy, He is good, and continues to provide for us! No trees landed on us but unfortunately we need to move the bat house – which is as yet unoccupied, they say it can take up to 5 years for bats to start using them! – because its tree fell, and of course lots of branches to pick up all around, but He kept us safe and though the power is out we are doing fine with the generator and solar power pack. We have power, it’s just not from the utility company LOL! Did you guys get any of the storm down there? I did look at the radar – many times – that night but didn’t really look at other states.

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