A Tuesday In The Life

Today we went to our daughter’s house, and this little guy first visited me in the car, then moved to a nearby branch. Pete was nearby so I handed him my phone to get a picture. Pete LOVES dragonflies and damselflies! This is a particularly handsome one, don’t you think so?

Our 6YO granddaughter thought it was funny that Pete told “a bug to smile” before he took his picture. So I asked her to smile and I’d take her picture; this is what I got ?

After we left Casey’s, we decided to stop for lunch. I’m not a pasta lover but a couple of times a year I get a craving. This was one of those times!

Most restaurants that are open seem to have limited menus. This one doubles as the place mat, but I didn’t realize that until I was almost done eating. I had just been moving it out of my way over and over again! ?

Pete’s minestrone

My chicken gnocchi soup

Pete got seafood alfredo, it looked great, and he said it tasted great too!

I got cheese ravioli with meat sauce. After 2 bowls of soup and a breadstick I couldn’t eat it all so Pete had to help ?

Maisie is a big hunter, but mostly she just goes after bugs. After we got home and were spending time outside she went after a bee and got stung in her mouth. Within minutes she did it again with the same result! She looks a little funny here, but was fine. I didn’t even have to give her any benedryl…she’s a tough gurl!

It was a good day, all in all! I wasn’t able to walk well (I’ve been struggling for the last 10 days or so) – thank God for my scwalker! – so we didn’t go shopping or do much else but it was great seeing Casey and the grandkids, and a good sunny day for a drive, too. Thanks for visiting!

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