A Trip to Grand Rapids!

Pete is an early riser. And I’m not. When he wakes up, sometime before dawn, Maisie is always waiting for him to get out of bed so she can take his place. Every morning when I open my eyes, there she is…and here is how I found her today when I woke up.

How could I not wake up with a smile on my face, when I have this waiting for me to just say her name so she can get all wiggly and happy because I’m awake????

First step of our trip was to fill up the gas tank. Today’s price was $1.989/gal.

We got stuck at a construction zone; the one-lane section of road was several miles long, and we were first in line. So I struck up a chat with the sign lady, she was very very nice! I learned how she manages to stay cool in hot weather, and how nasty people are to her – as if she was deliberately holding them up just to make them late! We had a pleasant chat for most of the 20 minutes we had to wait though, she was great!

When we finally got going there was a pilot car for us to follow – I’ve never seen that before! He approached at the head of a line of oncoming traffic, turned around, and led us the other way. It was nice having an escort!

We had a great lunch in Grand Rapids with Pete’s friend Mike and Mike’s son Cody (not pictured). It’s always good to see Mike and, when we can, his lovely wife Tami too. Great people!

Next stop was Costco, we don’t have stores near us so we like to go when we’re in the area of one. We mostly pick up some organic foods for Pete which are plentiful there and good quality too! Plus he needed some shorts…and our electric kettle bit the dust this week so we replaced that…I got a couple of keto goodies…a good trip!

I spent some time checking this out, it would fit in the spot our convection oven (which replaced the microwave) lives now, wasn’t sure about running 1800W in the motorhome but WAS sure the price was more than we were ready to pay today. So we’ll make use of the convection oven for a while yet…

We stopped at a neighborhood bar for a quick bite on the way home, doesn’t the atmosphere just feel like a friendly place? Other than us it was all regulars, chatting about stuff. The food was good enough, and then we came home.

It was exceedingly hot for Michigan today – 97 in Grand Rapids and just a few degrees cooler here – and once again I said that we’re never buying another vehicle that doesn’t have working a/c! But with the windows open and the wind blowing on us we did ok. It was about 108 miles on the way there and 117 on the way back because I took a different route to see different scenery. All in all it was a good trip and a nice day!

4 thoughts on “A Trip to Grand Rapids!

  1. Sounds like a nice day! I’d bet that the traffic lady found your chat the highlight of her day!! Gotta be boring out there. (So how DOES she keep cool?)

    Love this ~ thanks!!

    1. She wears a cooling towel around her neck, and also has a small fan she brought from home. That wouldn’t be enough for me but I did tell her about the spray bottle trick that she might try… Wearing full-length bright pants and vests over her clothes, plus the helmet has GOT to be awful in heat like this! (But thinking about the paychecks help I’m sure hahaha!)

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