A Quick Nighttime Note…

…because it’s too long to paste into my chat!

This is what I just posted on my favorite Mastodon instance and thought I’d share here too…it’s kind of a followup to what I’d written in my chat earlier:

So Pete texted me earlier that he couldn’t find a room for less than $200/night . He just texted me again and said he got one for $56 – God provided!!

I just finished making candy for the family, my son-in-law had given me some sugar-free chocolate chips, I melted them down with a little butter & coconut butter, ground almonds, and heaps of unsweetened coconut flakes, plus some monk fruit to sweeten; it’s in the fridge hardening now and it’s DELICIOUS!!!

IDK how Maisie knows but with Pete not here she has been totally glued to me, more than usual, and even more responsive and intuitive than she usually is. She can’t help with everything Pete does for me but she’s trying!

And I’m so excited for our daughter/son-in-law/grands to get here and have fun with them I don’t know how I’ll sleep tonight! I guess I’ll be playing my keyboard and ukuleles all night…just holler if it’s too loud and I’ll keep it down, ok?

Good night guys!!!

3 thoughts on “A Quick Nighttime Note…

  1. Sounds like you all had a great time while I was gone. I had a great time talking with former Law Enforcement people who were at K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base in Gwinn, Michigan. Great to talk with a former Superintendent and also one of the guys who worked under me when I was a Supervisor. I won’t go into the downer. Trying hard to put that behind me.

    Only in the U.P. could I get a motel room – without a key – and leave the door unlocked.

    1. I’m glad that you got a chance to reminisce with people and spend time with old friends! I told Bill & Casey that I wanted them to come and camp again when you’re home too, you are right it was a blast but it will be great when we can all be together! You were definitely missed!

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