A Gentle Sort of Evening

Tonight I made soup for supper. I like soup ok, it isn’t one of my favorite foods but once in a while it sounds good. I didn’t take any pictures but it had onions and mushrooms (browned in olive oil), carrots, cabbage, bok choy (that needed to be used up), S&P of course, parsley, crushed tomatoes, and garlic, thickened slightly with flour. Then I separated mine and added a can of chickpeas and some nooch to Pete’s, and a can of drained chicken to mine. OH it was so good!! Pete still has some of his left for tomorrow.

Chopping vegetables is torture to my spine, though, so I was done for the day after that. While the soup was simmering I started an audiobook of Three Bags Full: A Sheep Mystery Story (Leonie Swann) and it is a true delight so far! And while listening I was working on a jigsaw puzzle on my tablet.

One of the only things that brings my post-CVA brain into submission is jigsaw puzzles. Though it has a mind of its own (see what I did there? hahaha!) and goes off in all directions, getting confuzzled at the slightest thing, a jigsaw puzzle will pull it all back together again. Kind of like a magnet will do to a plate of beebees rolling around. Coloring has a similar effect but due to the arthritis in my neck I don’t do things that require me to hold my head forward and looking down…anyway, I haven’t been able to enjoy many audiobooks because, well, my brain, but listening while working on a jigsaw puzzle was like getting a relaxing full-body massage but for my brain. It. Was. A-maaaaazing!

Then I came to my corner of the bed against my pillows and Maisie brought me – without asking – another pillow, the one I use the most; she gets me! Then she brought me my purse when I was looking for my aspirin when I said to her, “Maybe it’s in my purse?” and it was. (Yes, Gwen, I know that I’m not supposed to take aspirin but sometimes it works better on pain than anything else.)

So that was how my evening felt soft and sweet, with delicious warm soup, a delightful little story told from the flock of sheep’s perspective, and a particularly calming jigsaw puzzle in all of my favorite colors. And now Pete just brought me a cup of tea…this is the perfect evening!

Good night, friends❣️ ???

6 thoughts on “A Gentle Sort of Evening

  1. Yeah, well Pete’s not supposed to use knives, either. You two are a mess! lol

    Sounds like a soft, sweet evening, indeed. Good words!!

    I love you guys!!! <3 <3

  2. Sherry, the soup sounded delicious….what is nooch in Pete’s soup? Sorry I have been mia lately just a lot going on…..my sister-in-law who I haven’t seen has come to visit her son who moved to the area and so she has been here this month she leaves on the 25th…..and she has come to visit and stay with me a couple days each week since her son works. Also my youngest daughter’s boyfriend called to asked for our blessing for them to get married….which I am thrilled cause they have been living together which I don’t approve of and having been praying for….anyway we are leaving to go to New Orleans this week and it will be a surprise proposal in front of the two families….so of course we are excited. Other than that I have been praying and waiting on the Lord…..I know he is working in all this but what we see in the natural is crazy……God have mercy on all of us….I really believe he is getting ready to do something big don’t know how or what but I believe and am praying for justice and that evil be exposed at the root and that all the Glory come back to God…..Sounds like Maisey is her amazing self…lol Hope all is well my friend you both are always in my thoughts and prayers….xoxo….Debbie

    1. Nooch is a nickname for nutritional yeast, it is a good protein source and has a bit of a cheesy taste, I use it for sauces and thickening and toppings. I’m glad to hear of the upcoming nuptials in the family! I hope the surprise proposal goes well for everybody! I agree with you that God is getting ready for something, it’s like He’s setting up the dominoes an it will be spectacular when He knocks the first one down. One thing I can’t understand is that kind of evil that pervades today, so many things I can’t – and don’t want to – even imagine how people can do them without a conscience! I can’t wrap my head around it and even feel sick just hearing or reading about it. Which I do as little as possible. I sure hope we can spend time together some day this side of eternity! Love you!

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