A Doesn’t-Get-Any-Better-Than-This Saturday!

We started the day with a lovely fire, and decided Saturday would be a ADF (all day fire) day. In fact, we decided that, from now on, EVERY Saturday day is going to be an ADF day! Here are some photos of the first part of the day. They’re pretty self-explanatory…

During our time outside we had A Pileated Experience. Pileated woodpeckers are among our very favorite wild birds, and they love a certain type of suet block so Pete keeps one up for them at all times. It’s rare to actually SEE a pileated, but we see other woodpeckers and chickadees also like that type. But the squirrels were getting into it too, so Pete moved the block to another tree that would make it harder for the squirrels to access.

Low and behold, however, a pileated flew in and straight to the tree where the suet block used to be. He then flew to another tree to look for it (we used to keep 2 of them out), then over to the bird feeding station. So right away Pete went and got the block and moved it back to where it had been the day before. As soon as he sat back down, the pileated, who had been watching from the feeding station across the yard, flew directly to it and started eating. What a gratifying experience! Below are a few pictures of the woodpecker that I attempted to take with my phone.

After this great experience we were sitting on the “patio” talking about how blessed we were, and I was thinking that the only thing that would make it better was if I saw my girl (my daughter Casey). Within minutes, I got a text, and guess what!

We had a GREAT time together! It was early evening by the time they went home, so rather than cook Pete and I decided to drive over to Farwell to a favorite restaurant of ours. We were starving (I hadn’t eaten since the day before, of course, being an intermittent fasting person) so we indulged in some appetizers first – something we very rarely do! I got some onion rings – they were MASSIVE and oh-so delicious – and Pete got loaded french fries. Then we got our main dishes – a spinach/artichoke/mozzarella flatbread for me (and you can see what I ended up taking home for the next day), and nachos for Pete. I ate too much sodium and he ate too much cheese but they were fantastic meals, as usual. Below are the photos from that meal, which topped out our perfect day with even more perfection!

Finally, a few pictures from our drive to Farwell. One is of the world-famous Cops and Donuts in the town of Clare which we went through on our way, and the other two are evidence that autumn is starting to take things seriously!
(I included a picture of my scwalker, because without it I wouldn’t be able to go out and do all of the things I do, or else I’d have to use a wheelchair. My scwalker is like my legs only better, and I feel more like me when I’m using it than when I’m walking! In the morning I had tested myself on a “hike” with it – though it’s all-terrain, it’s operated by my legs and they aren’t! But I took it all the way to the road to check the mail and back – a distance of about 1/3 of a mile! This was the first time I’d gone such a distance on uneven terrain, so it was a great accomplishment and I thought my scwalker deserved an honorable mention too!)

2 thoughts on “A Doesn’t-Get-Any-Better-Than-This Saturday!

  1. A most satisfying day indeed! How cool in every way!! Makes my heart feel happy!

    Scwalker loves her well-deserved honorable mention, I’m sure! You really oughta name her!!! 😀

    1. We’ve actually been having partial ADFs every day since…we ordered a face cord of firewood delivered, now whenever we want to, we can go burn some!
      Scwalker is really so much easier to manage in the Suburban LOL!

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