What’s On My Heart Tonight

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I love cartoons, jokes, memes – any kind of (clean) humor. Even political cartoons, which have been around as long as we’ve had politics. Back in the day they were a way to exchange light-hearted banter about candidates and the political process, and keep things from getting so serious that things turned ugly.

Well folks, things are ugly now. That’s no surprise. But there is ugly, and there is hurtful, cruel ugly. Ridiculing a candidate’s child, for example, is cruel ugly. The helpless among us have traditionally been off limits, even when their famous parents were fair game.

Until a couple of years ago I was my mom’s caregiver for nearly a decade as she painfully and tragically struggled through an especially cruel type of dementia called Lewy Body Disease. It is so horrific that some, such as actor Robin Williams, would rather die than face it, and my mother begged for death more times than I can count during her journey through that dark maze of horrors. Though she had to be in a safe place with a strict routine and with people who were specially trained to deal with her dementia, I was with her often – very often – seeing to her needs, taking her out when she was able, spending time crying with her, and sometimes just holding her. Nobody will ever know all of it…

So today when I saw the worst of the worst “cartoons” I was not only mortified, but terribly hurt on behalf of the butt of the “joke” which showed Mr. Biden in a compromising position having one of his most personal bodily functions dealt with by his political peers. My heart broke!

Every human being is God’s creation, is loved by Him and has value to Him. Whether we see things the same as they do or agree with them or like how they choose to live their lives, they have value enough that Jesus died for them as much as for us. Just by virtue of being human, they have dignity, and that dignity must be preserved always. Anything else is cruel and hurtful and yes, ugly. It is especially devastating to me when the people who spread these cartoons claim to be Christians. I have 3 questions for anyone who thinks these things are ok, or even funny:

If Jesus was walking the earth right now, would He be posting things that are demeaning to the most helpless among us?

If your grandmother or father were to – God forbid! – develop dementia, would you also laugh when others publicly ridicule their helplessness and inability to care for their most personal needs?

Were YOU to become somehow helpless and were to see similar cartoons showing those who should be compassionate and trustworthy taking care of you with your legs up in the air…would you laugh?

There are no words in my language that can express the pain I felt when I saw that cartoon. I draw the line at “humor” that is ugly and mean and attacks people’s basic dignity, just because they are human. No better or no worse than you or I in the eyes of God, and much loved by Him. I hope that I never slip up and post anything that is ugly-cruel or heartless toward anyone, no matter who they are, what they do, what they believe, or even how they treat others. Because that’s not who Christ is, and that’s not who He commands His followers to be.

Feel free to share this, I hope that I’m not the only person who feels this way. Please tell me that you feel the hurt, too…

6 thoughts on “What’s On My Heart Tonight

  1. Sherry, I’ve not seen the cartoon you’ve mentioned (and personally glad I haven’t). I was taught growing up to be kind and thoughtful of other’s feelings and I’ve taught my children and grandchildren the same. Being buddies for so many years and knowing you as I do, I bet you were taught, and your grandbabies are taught the same.
    I’m so saddened by our world today and thankful this is just our temporary home.
    I’ll miss you on FB, however will look for you on your blog.
    Take care and sending you love my friend, Jodi

    1. You are so right, Jodi! We were definitely taught to be kind, as our friend Miss Kaye Carter always says, “Be kind, be kinder than they are…” and I think of that often. It seems in our world right now people think that anything goes – and apparently it does. Knowing Jesus, and anticipating our eternity with Him, is often the only thing that keeps us from despair, isn’t it! That, and knowing that in the future EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus is Lord! Even those who won’t do it now, they will see Him as He is!
      I have been thinking of how much I miss you, in particular, and was hoping you’d see my posts, I have wondered what you would think of them. There are very few people in my life who are so important to me, so I’m happy that you consider my friendship worth the effort to visit me here (as well as YouTube of course)! ???

  2. Eloquently said. The mudslinging, in its various forms, has become despicable and, for some Christians, unbearable. When I hear or read some of what’s being said and done, I cringe almost as much as I do when I hear or read someone using the Lord’s name in vain. The shudder (not strong enough a word!) goes all through me.

    What ever happened to respect and reverence and, yes, basic kindness and thoughtfulness? These, along with sacredness and holiness and other scriptural principles are not sought nor practiced in the proportions of society that they used to be. Hearts are hardened.

    Anyway, thank you for posting. Well said, Sher. I concur with all of what you said.

  3. I am in agreement also. There are times my humanism gets in the way of my right-standing in God. I need to focus on Jesus. I also have not seen the ‘cartoon’ and don’t need to to know you are right. King Jesus come quickly.

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