I read a few scary articles recently from individuals who tried to present “sensible” ideas from the socialist point of view.  Maybe the average reader who has not thought through some of these things already would have been lulled into accepting the ideas as rational.  I could only see the big pink elephant in the room.

One said we should LIMIT extreme wealth.  One said we should have never-ending taxes added “only” to the most wealthy (a nebulous term which they never quite define or a term which keeps moving the definition goalposts).  Another said we should limit the number of bullets allowed to be fired by a certain weapon before the gun would render itself useless.

In every case the idea presented was one which LIMITS our natural freedoms.  One small group of like-minded individuals would make decisions for another group of other-minded individuals, taking a little of their freedoms.  It sounds so reasonable, until your group is the one from which freedoms are stolen.  

I am not happy that the government shut down churches during COVID for mere political reasons.  It wasn’t based on science (that is no longer a question).  It also was not based on history (which  shows that such restrictions have never stopped a virus).  So, the only other possibility (maybe you know another) is politics.  I am not ashamed to bring it up over and over, either.  We should not forget!

In countries which have adopted socialism or communism, the restrictions on freedom never stop with political enemies.  It does not take long before it becomes a standard way of life which affects EVERYONE.  In Soviet USSR one could not travel from his hometown without documents.  In fact, those documents were often checked and rechecked as the person traveled between towns and villages within their home country.  The person not carrying identifying documents was detained or arrested.  Was it that way before Communism?  No.  They were free to travel within their own country for months without any documents, only needing them if crossing a border.  Did the USSR apply this only to political opponents?  No.  Everyone.

However, I am not writing about communism or socialism.  This is about maintaining native human freedoms.

More specifically, freedoms outlined for citizens of the United States.  Freedoms which we all should be heartily opposed to forfeiting.  My first question is “Is there another way to solve this problem without restricting freedom?”  I can usually think of a way.  You might, too.

The very people who proclaim “freedom” for children’s sexual decisions want to restrict YOUR freedoms.  Our daughter went to college at age 17.  She couldn’t swim in the pool without a physically present adult who would vouch for her.  She couldn’t get aspirin from the campus nurse without approval from a parent.  Think about that for a minute.  With those facts in mind, explain why some politicians want to allow children who can’t marry without parental approval to get sex change operations without parental approval.  Adult decisions should require adult approval.  Why are we stealing parental rights?

The freedom to use a public bathroom or locker room is under attack.  Prohibitions against those born male using areas once restricted for females has traditionally been accepted as a PROTECTION for sensitive individuals.  Now we are not allowed to protect them, which strangely is a restriction in the opposite direction which renders void our freedom of safety and privacy when most at risk.

So, you see, some restrictions are necessary for freedom.  The train should not leave the tracks.  The tracks provide freedom for the train.  When we take away the rails of freedom we have destroyed that freedom.  We are harming the next generation of children for WHAT benefit?  They need a safe place to pee.  We aren’t providing it.

So, what freedom you enjoy are they coming for next?  Will they want to place cameras inside your home (a la “1984”) which you don’t control?  Will they insist you must buy an EV (even though it won’t meet your needs)?   Will they take away your gas range for dubious reasons and subject you to increasing instability of electric service?  Will they tell you that you can’t control your own reproductive health (no more than 2 children)?  Will they limit the size of the home you want to build?  Will they restrict how many square feet of land you are allowed to purchase?  Will your rights to check out books at the local library be restricted when they will not allow religious materials on the shelves?  

I wonder.  At what point would you say, “Now you’ve gone too far!”  They already have, and you said nothing.  You still vote FOR those who have been screwing you over.  You still allow the cancel culture to cancel those with whom you agree.

We admit that slavery was (and is) evil.  Why can we not admit that this stealing of freedoms is cut from the very same evil cloth?  It IS slavery.  

I have two creative writings I will be sharing.  In June a short-short called “The Winner.”  

In July I have one I am writing for Independence Day.  I like to invite others to share their creativity from time to time.  If you have a poem, artwork, or a writing which fits Independence Day please submit it to Owly’s email (label it for “July 4.”)  She has some standards for submissions.  I am not in charge of her site, I’m merely a guest.  

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