2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wags – June 1, 2022 Edition

  1. Those are so too cute!! I’m kind of heart broken this week. My daughter has to rehome her German Shepherd who we all love to pieces but she has a hug household of kids and neighbor kids by the groups, and the dog only likes his kids, and not the neighbor kids or other children relatives that come over. It’s one of those situations where he is doing what he was created to do which is protect, but her household is too busy for him to be as protective as he wants to be. Then my son got a new baby a couple of weeks ago. A great dane, and whoa, the training they have to do. I like my little Kendell, at her 7 pounds, and as quiet as can be. LOL Love dogs! How is your Maisy? Can’t remember the spelling.

    1. That is so very sad when we can’t make it work anymore with a dog, heart-breaking isn’t too strong of a word. Maisie is doing great, she is such a fantastic helper, so smart and intuitive, and sweet too. Don’t know what I ever did without her! Your Kendall is precious, I love seeing her on your vlogs! You made a great choice when you picked her!

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