VIDEOS of the Birthday Girls!

Granddaughter Lyra turned 9 on the 2nd, and Luna turned 4 on the 5th. These are some photos and clips of the celebrations!

Our granddaughter turned 9 on June 2, and the next day we took her family out for her birthday dinner. Her restaurant choice was Subway. We also stopped at Costco for some shopping (receipt at the end), and rescued a baby turtle, who makes a cameo appearance!

Our granddaughter Luna turned 4 on the 5th of June, and she wanted noodles, so they chose the Olive Garden for her birthday dinner! This isn’t as long, but it was just as fun!

These are from the day of the girls’ birthday party for their family and friends at their home.

4 thoughts on “VIDEOS of the Birthday Girls!

  1. It appears as though the parties, eating-out, and gifts were a great success. Thanks for sharing. (You look exhausted Sherry.) That is quite the ‘fort’ the kids made!

    1. Yes we did have some GREAT family times over the last week – dinner together last Sat & Tues, the kids here Tues/Wed/Thurs, and the party yesterday – GREAT week! Pete & I are both totally exhausted. Today we are doing NOTHING that doesn’t have to be done…unless we want to :). Like spending time at my keyboard if I’m able! Casey’s long-time BFF and the kids worked on that fort the better part of a day and it was a big hit at the party! As was the trampoline and the pool…and of course the food! LOTS of people there, and I got to see some former family (it is a shame that when we divorce a spouse we also lose their family!) that I always have loved, so that was great too!

  2. Its working! Those were good days with the grandchildren. Definitely exhausting but so much fun – including when the grands were here for a couple days. Time for recuperating… and today is our Sunday pizza day.
    Great videos (at the end of each it wanted to jump into another video).
    Glad this is working, you have been struggling with it adding more stress to your life that you don’t need.

    1. Thanks my love, it is the chat on the main page – – that I’ve been fighting with, but your support means more to me than words can say! And yes it was great times with the kids; those clips are the ones I hope to get edited and uploaded today :).

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