2 thoughts on “VIDEO UPLOAD – Pete Records Wildlife in Our Yard

  1. Love the deer and their antics. Some seem to be pushy and others run away. There is always too many to count. If I don’t have food out for the deer, they will stare through our front window to watch to see if I am coming out to feed them. Some of the turkeys are braver than the others and come towards me when I tell them I have food for them. The flock of turkeys keep getting bigger and so does the herd of deer. I may have to go get a job to keep them fed. I am just trying to get them all through the cold and difficult winter months. Spring will bring them more greens to eat from the woods and fields but until then I just try to keep up with them all.

    1. Yes, we started with just trying to supplement their natural feeding habits for a few, but apparently there are is a big rumor mill among our wildlife and word got around! Obviously we aren’t going to leave them without the extra snacks they’ve gotten used to during the cold weather but we will definitely be saving a few $ when spring comes and they have their abundance of natural foods back! We’ll have to figure out what to do differently next year I think! But they do love you and they certainly know you and watch for you, it cracks me up when a turkey comes to the opening in the tent and looks in toward the door to see if you’re coming, that always makes me laugh!

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