VIDEO #2118 (& Pics) August 31, 2022 Day In The Life: How We Spent Our 20th Anniversary Together

These are some of the pictures that Pete took today on our travels; he took a lot more but they weren’t necessarily descriptive of our day (scenery and such).

  • The Blackstone griddle that was our anniversary gift to each other
  • Me getting ready to go this morning
  • Big R’s Hogs & Dogs in Farwell, MI where we had lunch
  • Yoder’s Amish store in Tustin, MI where we shopped
  • The Evart, MI water tower
  • A banner on a lightpost in Evart
  • Gib’s Super City’s sign (in Evart)
  • Driving into the parking lot of Gib’s where we shopped

2 thoughts on “VIDEO #2118 (& Pics) August 31, 2022 Day In The Life: How We Spent Our 20th Anniversary Together

  1. Congratulations again on your 20th Anniversary weekend celebrations. My husband and I made it only to 10 years, interrupted by his demise from cancer. That was the only time I was ever married, so ‘back-to-‘singlehood’ after that. I really, Really, REALLY didn’t like to hear about your ‘popped’ right knee!!!!!!! Oh Sherry! Why do ‘bad’ things have to happen to ‘good’ people? Someday we’ll understand, (I guess) but right now I sure don’t anyway! I send my love to you guys as always (along with prayers for God’s healing hand). I’m glad your arm is better though!

    1. Thanks, Annette! I’m thankful for every day of those 20 years with Pete, that’s for sure! And for every future day that God grants us to be together. We won’t understand this side of heaven why God chooses to give some of us more years than others…we can only trust that He always does what is best in the grand scheme of His…

      I’m not happy about the knee either, with the amount of pain, swelling, and deformity – and lack of weight-bearing ability – I have wondered if something broke in there. But I will see what happens. AND I’m so glad that my arm is better, I can’t imagine if I hadn’t been able to use my right leg OR my right arm/hand! That would have been a pickle!


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