Unexpected Incident!

We were gone all afternoon. Since it was supposed to get hot and humid (again!) and since we can’t use the a/c in the motorhome, we always turn on the a/c in the travel trailer and put the dogs in there to stay cool until we get home. (My parrots don’t mind the heat so much!)

Anyway, when we got home, the dogs ran down the driveway to greet us. WHAT?!?!?!? The travel trailer (named Junior) door was wide open! Still locked, but wide open! And there were the dogs, out enjoying their freedom! What a shock!!!!!!

(We do live in the country – several dirt roads, a hidden lane, and our mostly hidden driveway between us and the main road into the nearest town – on a huge secluded lot surrounded by woods on 3 sides and a wide river on the 4th. But we don’t leave the dogs outside untethered and unattended, EVER. )

No idea what they did during their time of freedom or even how long they were free…but they were home when we got here, and unharmed, and happy to see us as if nothing were wrong. We’d be crushed if anything had happened to either of them of course…and later it occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to replace or retrain a service dog at this stage since I’ve lost so much mobility since I got Maisie, either…anyway…

Thank God He had His hand on them and protected them and kept them home and safe! You know that song Jesus Never Fails? It’s true.

And then later…an UPDATE:

A neighbor – about 100 yards away – came by tonight to ask if we had a little mostly-black-and-brown dog; apparently Chuy made his way over there and terrorized said neighbor who was in his shed, came out, and Chuy was standing there barking at him. 12# dog, vs big neighbor guy…anyway, we apologized… The other thing that Joe told us was that my Maisie gurl stayed at home and didn’t follow Chuy down the road. Still thanking God that He kept our babies safe!

6 thoughts on “Unexpected Incident!

  1. OMG – what a scare! Yes but those 12# dogs can do PLENTY of damage. They can be fierce! Good for Maisie girl to have stayed home. What a surprise to see coming down the road to home.

    I’ve read several of your recent vlogs on this site. Glad to hear of your great experience in having Leelan, and VERY glad to hear of Lyra’s successful surgery. I would guess this is just one of many she will need, before she is finally done.

    I surely do miss you on Facebook and YouTube, but there’s THIS avenue and email for us to keep in touch – and ‘snail-mail’ if need be. I’m fine…status quo. Sorry to learn you are in so much pain, but happy you have access to some medication(s) to help with that.

    ‘Talk’ to ya’ later…(my love to you & yours).

    1. Yes, Maisie is a good girl, she was just waiting for me to come home, she hates being away from me! Lyra is healing up and getting used to her different “look”…she’s such a strong and brave little girl! We hope she doesn’t need much surgery in the future, but if she has a painful area like this one was (the thickened skin was developing deep cracks) they will be taken care of, or of course if an area becomes risky to keep…she says right now that she doesn’t want any more surgery. Yes, I told you we wouldn’t lose touch, and we won’t, I’ll always be somewhere – here, is the plan – and always have email too! And even snail-mail :). Love you too, Annette, and glad to hear all is fine there, I’ve seen that areas in WI have been having power outages also and hoped your area wasn’t one of them! ❤️??

  2. OMG, thank God they were safe….that Chuy can’t believe him just wondering around….yes I can I think you know he is that way.lol Maisie girl said no Chuy this isn’t right and I am gonna tell Mom and Dad when they get home you’ll see….Chuy, Maisie I don’t care I’ll be back before they know I am gone see you later…lol God was watching out for them for sure….glad it all turned out okay…..love you guys….xoxo…Debbie

    1. I can’t tell you how shocked we were! That Chuy, he is SUCH a terrier! Knows his own mind and does what he wants, so typical…LOL! God was truly watching after them, for sure! Black mouth cur dogs are very home-oriented, so it doesn’t surprise me that she stayed home, either. They each did about what I would expect – but I never would have expected them to get out of Junior when we weren’t home! Love you too, think of you all the time and always ask God to bless whatever you’re doing in that moment! xoxo

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