Tyros5: Getting To Know You, episode 1

As I’m getting to know my new-to-me Tyros5-76 I will share the occasional video. It took a while, but I finally figured out how everything worked; now I just need to get used to reaching for settings and buttons as I play, they aren’t where I think they should be yet, so when I’m a few measures away from a button-push I start to get a little scrambled which causes me to lose focus on my playing…and it takes a few more measures afterward to unscramble! But I’m learning, and by sharing these maybe other people who are learning new things – keyboard-related or not – will be emboldened and encouraged.

2 thoughts on “Tyros5: Getting To Know You, episode 1

    1. I’m working out the kinks :). The more I play the sooner my hands will be able to intuitively go to the buttons that I need! The placement of them is SO much different than it was on my other keyboards! But it will come, and it is certainly enjoyable getting there…I’m glad some of that is coming through in the recording!

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