Turkey Thursday – Oct. 6, 2022 Edition

I love the turkeys that hang around our yard, that’s no secret. Today they were so funny, so I took some pictures & a little video. Thought I’d post it today, just for fun!

I took this first group of pictures with my phone, through various windows, from inside the motorhome. The quality of them was quite poor so I did what I could in the editor, then just shrunk ’em down and made ’em into a collage.

For the next group of pictures Pete took my little camera (an older Nikon Coolpix) outside, so these are a little better.

And now for the video: We have a lot of turkeys around here but 14 regulars that hang out for larger parts of the day. Sometimes 10 of them come in a group – sometimes 4 come together – and sometimes all 14 come at once. Today the 10 were here, I was sitting inside watching them, and saw the toms start to gather so I grabbed my phone to record. Apparently they were miffed at the other 4 for being late to the party, and received them with a less than happy welcome! But all was well in the end, as you can see from the photos above (Some pics were taken before the video, and some after…the photos with 14 turkeys were taken after, obviously…)


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