Tuesday Truth – March 19, 2024 Edition

I haven’t done these in a while, but my “truths” folder is getting enormous, so I figured I’d better do a few…these aren’t on any particular topic, or in any particular order, and since I’m not giving a warning, this batch isn’t political. (If I do share any that may be controversial to some, I give a warning so that they have the option of not reading them.) These are just some of the ones I’ve collected that make me nod my head in agreement…

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth – March 19, 2024 Edition

  1. chia.owly.net

    These are fantastic!!! I have missed your truth posts. So glad to see that you have more good truths for us.

    If the world of websites is the same as it was when I had a blog several years ago, then it helps your SEO when I put your website name in the comments. So, that is why I put your site name in the comment section.
    It also helps when your friends write long comments, instead of short ones. (At least that was the way things were years ago.) So, I will try to write lengthier comments when I am able.

    Happy 1st Day of Spring.

    1. I kind of got away from the truth posts when everything I was seeing was so political! Everything seems to become political but truth is truth, even if politics wasn’t a “thing”…so now I have a different view when I’m finding them and it’s helping a lot; there will be more truth posts coming!

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