4 thoughts on “Tuesday Titters – Valentine’s Day Eve Edition

  1. I’ve never understood Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it just like Presidents’ Day, except it is a remembrance of someone named Valentine? I never met him. Kinda’ like Columbus Day (a day on which nothing special is done). I never met him either.

    Just for the record, I also don’t get Mothers Day. Why do I, the husband, have to get a card for my wife for that? She’s not my mother. I don’t expect HER to do anything for me on Fathers Day, either. I’m not her dad (that is a strange thought…if I got a card from her on Fathers Day, would that put me in an incestuous relationship?). Boy! That went south quick!

    1. I don’t find most holidays that important to me, though I do like to acknowledge some of them that have a positive message. I don’t usually give Mother’s/Father’s day cards to anyone who isn’t one of the other. Pretty sure that most of those that people consider “holidays” won’t have eternal significance anyway 🤷‍♀️

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day~ Another day to say, I love you. Which I did to most my family and friends. 🙂

    Looks like you revamped your blog? I haven’t been on for a while. Is there a story behind the revamp?

    Hope to keep in touch~
    Hugs, Cathy

    1. Hi, Cathy! So good to hear from you, it sounds like you had a good Valentine’s Day with lots of love around you! I’ve been sick and in bed all week but Pete brought me home a rotisserie chicken and some ribs for my Valentine’s gifts, he sure knows the way to my heart!

      Yes, I changed things a little, mainly because I had so much food-related content that I decided to break it out into its own separate site (ChiaChow.net). People seem to move back and forth between the two spaces, and I get quite a bit of traffic from people who wouldn’t normally venture into a more general blog. So I’m pleased I made the change and it’s working out well!

      I hope to keep in touch also…how is Don? How is his brother? And mostly, how are YOU?

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