2 thoughts on “Tuesday Titters – Nov. 15, 2022 Edition

  1. LOL! Good ones!!
    In the South, we only get ice storms instead of snow. We know that if there is a snowflake it will quickly turn to ice, so we have to prepare to be completely shut in. Schools close, businesses close, and the stores run out of milk and bread. ?????? “Snow” isn’t as fun in the south as it is in the north. It turns fatal quickly.

    1. YIKES! We get an occasional ice storm where the sky will lay down from 1/10 to 1/4″ of ice, power lines and entire tree limbs crash down, sometimes on cars and buildings…most people know better than to go out during those like you guys do…but there’s always a few who like to take chances and when they do, it’s often a bad outcome that messes things up for first responders and emergency staff to get to work or to scenes or whatever…it is gorgeous but it is nasty!

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