4 thoughts on “Tuesday Titters – May 21, 2024 Edition

  1. As if you couldn’t figure it out yourself … “wrap-around spiders” are indigenous to Australia. Nope. Even though I am not afraid of most critters … not going there ever.

    BTW today is National Memo Day. (Not Nemo, that’s the name of that fish).

  2. chia.owly.net ,

    The 3 hour documentary of my pocket. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And, the TP is funny too. All of these are winners!!

    And I LOVE that you brought back the truths in your other Tuesday post!!!!
    Here is a true story about the airplanes (this is not gossip, but actual truth)- at the environmental summit 2022 years ago there was not enough room to park all the private Jets. SO, they clear cut 2 acres of trees in order to have enough room to park all the private Jets. They could have parked in other nearby airports, but those rich people didn’t want to have to drive a few extra miles. Also, some of them could have flown together. But, everyone wanted to fly their own plAne into that specific airport. So, the trees had to be cut down for them.

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