Tuesday Titters – April 5, 2022 Edition

One of these had me laughing so hard that I was crying…can you guess which one it was?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Titters – April 5, 2022 Edition

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm… The Buick, God creating the duck, the breakdown, the Tupperware containers….. too many to choose from. ???? Loved the laughs…..

    I cannot comment on your post about PT (apparently you posted it yesterday) because it just hits to close to home. There are no words for what you went through- although I wish our healthcare system would dramatically change for the better so healthcare providers would have more sympathy for 1) people with long term physical needs 2) the amount of money we waste whenever they send us from test to test and appointment to appointment.
    ? Praying for you. ?

    1. The key word in your comment is “money”. Even though doctors and other medical professionals may go into medicine out of compassion, the medical model in which they work revolves around money. And that changes everything…IMHO. Thanks for your comment which, though you claim you can’t comment, said it all. ?

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