Today’s Topic Must Be Prayer, eh?

Another Christian brother in the instance of Mastodon shares prayers fairly frequently. They are in Portuguese so I translate them (DeepL is THE BEST translator I’ve ever used!) into English. He has given me permission to share here. While I don’t like praying the prayers that others write (other than praying the Scriptures of course), this brother’s prayers are wonderful jumping off points for me to talk to the Father about what I’m reading, sort of embellishing them, or “making them my own”. If you haven’t tried this, today’s prayer is an excellent one on which to start!

Lord God, our Father, whose name is worthy of all reverence and respect:

  • May your kingdom take over my life and possess many hearts for eternal salvation.
  • Give wisdom to your people so that we may live to please the Lord in all things.
  • Let us not speak or do anything without the guidance of the Holy Scriptures.
  • May our teaching be faithful to your Word, always within the truth, and communicated with love and compassion.
  • May the moment of eating the Lord’s Supper together on the Lord’s Day be the highlight of our week.
  • May Jesus’ death be our life, and may his life be our example.
  • For him we pray, Amen.

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Topic Must Be Prayer, eh?

  1. That is a great prayer. It starts out on the right footing – Lord God, our Father, whose name is worthy of all reverence and respect. All prayers need to start out with respect to God for He is worthy and worthy to be praised.

  2. That is a good prayer! I love to write out my prayers~ I think my mind focuses much better writing them out. I also love to pray about The Kingdom of God, and the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and guidance. I use WORD to keep a record of what I do write. Of course I pray in general from my heart and thoughts. Always a good topic.

    1. I know some people keep a prayer journal, I have never tried it though… Our church did a 30-day challenge a couple of years ago for us each to pray 30 minutes a day in one block of time, in a peaceful and quiet environment. I loved it but over time I got out of the habit :(. Maybe it’s time to start doing it again…

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