Time Alone = Recording!

So I had the house (motorhome) to myself today – if you want to call sharing it with 2 dogs and 2 parrots “to myself” – and decided to do some recording. One thing I’ve wanted to do is share recordings of each of my 3 ukuleles to show their different sounds and examples of the styles of music I use each one for, so today was that day.

The background music are recordings I made on one of my Yamaha keyboards. I use fake books almost exclusively and do my own arranging, instrumentations, etc., then record them so I can play along on my ukes. That’s what these 3 recordings are…and they are NOT performances. I’m no great uke player, I play for fun and have no aspirations to go pro – good thing, too! 😉 These are my own renditions, how I hear the songs in my own heart rather than how they have been recorded by others.

First is my Enya Nova U. This one is a carbon fiber/plastic composition, and is concert size – actually “grand concert” size, a little larger than standard concert size – and does a great job with pop or modern style music.

Next is my Kala Baritone Ukulele, and I love it! The baritone uke is tuned differently than the other sizes, and is the type I learned on. I still am drawn to its deeper, mellow tones more often than either of the others, and use it mostly for worship songs and slower hymns.

Lastly this is my Sound Smith resonator tenor ukulele. It is tuned the same as the concert size, but I have this one tuned with a low G as the first string rather than the standard “re-entrant tuning” (as the Enya is tuned) and I love it for certain styles! The tenor ukulele is the size between the concert and the baritone. I really love this one for southern gospel especially, and also certain contemporary songs. (I’m trying to get used to new strings on this one, that’s why my strums sound choppy – these strings are fatter than the old ones but I’m hoping for a better sound once I’m comfortable with them!)

Thanks for listening, I hope that you learned something (other than that I have a lot of clutter going on behind me HAHAHA!), and enjoyed my music!

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