Thursday “Throwback” Thoughts – June 29, 2023 Edition: Dogs Part 10


Curly wasn’t planned. I did something I should never do – perused the Pet Finder website when I was bored. The next thing we knew Pete was on his way to the next county’s shelter to pick up an adorable little guy with whom I was smitten as soon as I saw his tiny face. He was somewhere in his middle age, hard to know exactly. When Pete got him home Curly (who they’d called Juan but he didn’t answer to) settled onto Pete’s lap and we started to think of names. As Curly dozed we mentioned probably a hundred names, with no reaction. Until Pete said Curly, and his eyes popped open and he picked up his head to look at Pete. So Curly he became.

Curly was another dog that bonded strongly to Pete, and frankly I don’t recall which other dogs we had at the same time, though I believe it was likely just Pharaoh and Chandler by then. My business was really busy and I wasn’t even in the house very much except to sleep (I had a custom-built area on the back of the house out of which I ran it), and when I was, Curly was on Pete’s lap. I didn’t get to know him very well for a long time. But he was SO petite…very long skinny legs, itty bitty dainty paws, and a tiny round head with big eyes and big ears yet his build was quite delicate; he reminded me so much of a fawn! But he was mostly black, with some white, and a very little gray and tan…and he was very very soft!

I know I have tons of photos of my past dogs somewhere, I’ve been trying to find them without success, but when I do I will share them all! I did find, however, one picture of little Curly from way back when Leelan was pretty little and still was with us. This only shows Curly’s face and his dainty little paws, but it’s better than nothing:

Curly and I didn’t really have much of a relationship. I had my Pharaoh who was my shadow, and Curly was usually glued to Pete. Not long after this photo was taken we decided to buy our first motorhome and travel. Preparing our house, minimizing, finding the perfect RV, renting out the house, and moving out kept us quite busy. This is neither good nor bad, it just was a fact of life that I didn’t really bond too much with Curly. And he was totally fine with that! He didn’t dislike me, nor I him, but he was all about Pete (as I was all about Pharaoh) and that’s how it was.

We were living on the road a few years later when Curly, of unknown age but surely a senior by this time, developed stomach cancer. We had no idea, until one weekend he simply quit eating and spent much of his time standing, his front feet stretched W – A – Y out in front of him. He went to the vet early Monday morning who gave us the diagnosis; he was in the end stages of the disease, and had hidden it so well that we had had no idea there was anything wrong…

I remember Curly as being delicate – dainty – oh-so-soft – I can still feel how soft he was next to my face when I think about it. And he made Pete a fantastic little buddy, ready to go anywhere and do anything with him. Especially cuddle.


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