Thursday Thoughts – Nov. 11, 2021 Edition: To Tell The Truth…

Winter in Michigan is the BEST season anywhere! No coat needed until our temps get down in the single digits, shoveling snow is the most fun activity EVER, and everyone – every single person – should partake at every chance! And our pets, our dogs and cats and fish and parrots, need to experience every season so it’s best to keep them outside in the coldest part of the year, it makes them stronger !

Those who know the “facts” shouldn’t be allowed to base their own choices on them. Because my opinions override your facts.

Do you do all of the above? If not, you are wrong

We are seeing a world where people are basing their actions on opinions and feelings rather than facts. Which of course we each can do. For ourselves. Why would I care if you are buying your house based on the paint color when it’s in a flood zone? But when it comes time to makes rules, laws, and judgments on others, however, should my opinions overrule facts? Ignore truth? Do we each have the option to create our own versions of “truth” based upon whatever criteria we choose and then expect others to act upon them?

That question is impossible to answer. There are no versions of a truth that can contradict each other. By definition it is impossible. What many consider as fact is, in actuality, opinion. And what many of our most important processes,from personal health choices to legal proceedings to lawmaking to real estate, etc. have become is a battleground of differing opinions, truth be damned.

Whether we base our most important choices on thorough research of facts, or what we think we’re hearing from the wind in the trees, that’s up to each of us. When we start foisting our opinions upon others, on those whose lives are based on the reality of truth, we cross a line. And when individuals then become bound by the opinions of others, that is not only offensive, it is tyrannical. Nonbiblical. And even, here in the USA, unconstitutional in most cases.

In a world where we are more and more being coerced or mandated or forced to act against factual principles in order to live by the feelings of others we need to reach a point where we will say ENOUGH! When rulings and laws and enforcements are based upon opinions like “It’s not an individual human until it is born” or “He’s guilty because I don’t like guns” or “I am afraid so you have to do what I say until I’m not afraid anymore” or “I don’t like his personality so he is a bad person” or “Her taste in clothes is so awful, she can’t possibly be a good mother” – I could go on and on – we are no longer being governed; we are being controlled. (These are all based upon real-life examples I have heard and read, by the way!)

There are times, of course, to make personal choices based upon our feelings and I could share many examples of those as well. But where truth exists, feelings – be they fears or excitement or whatever – can’t change it. For ourselves, or for others.

So no worries, nobody is going to force you to shovel heavy snow in spite of your heart condition, nobody is going to make you freeze your pets to keep them strong, and nobody is going to force you to live in Michigan.

But, the way things are going, it could happen.


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