Thursday Thoughts – July 7, 2022 Edition: Music

I’d like to share a few things that have crossed my screen just this morning in this post. It is interesting that God, knowing my desire to have confirmation upon confirmation of His messages to me, provides it in no uncertain terms. For this post, I have been inundated on the topic of music in my social media haunts in the last 12 hours or so. And so will I share.

But first, it is no secret that music is important in my life. VERY important. I grew up listening to it nearly constantly, and playing it. Both my social life and my family life centered largely around the piano, and it was the bond – the glue, if you will – that really cemented my relationship with my mother, especially. To this day it is THE way I express myself to the Lord, my most important form of worship, and the biggest way that He opens my heart to Himself. Communicating with Him through music can take me to my knees (figuratively) in a way that nothing else does. He gave me that gift that I can return it to Him with all of my prayers and longings and desires and praise and everything else that is involved in my relationship with Him.

And that is the perspective from which I understood the things I’m about to share. What is God speaking through them? I’m still working that out.

In a discussion I was directed to an online friend’s blog where he shared some posts about his favorite music; one song there, in particular, was a real blessing and touched me deeply! I’d never heard it before but I think it will be my favorite Christmas song this year – such a spirit of worship and joy!

One of my very favorite bloggers and social media posters is Rich Maffeo – I’ve posted about him often here – and he shared this post . His words are well-taken, though the picture he shared didn’t quite sit right with me. Still, it gave me an opportunity to examine what about it bothered me, to pray about it, and to be able to articulate my thoughts in my response to him. Always valuable to examine why I think about things the way I do, and this was a good opportunity.

Music and Song I was led to by…well, I don’t remember how I got to that site, actually. But as I was pondering the above this morning I found myself there. And I didn’t read it all until I was ready to write about it here, I was having a hard time concentrating until it was time to take in its message, though I knew it would be important. And it probably best describes everything my heart about much and worship, as well as my own experience, better than I could do myself! A very worthy article to read by anyone who has any interest at all in the topic, in fact!

Then there is someone I follow on Savior Connect. He does short video clips with devotions, in his own style that is very understandable and relatable to me. So when I didn’t see any of his videos for a while I set about finding him on YouTube which, this morning, took me to a music video done by Mr. Riley and his late wife. It was touching at the same time it was enjoyable – I am a huge fan of Dottie Rambo’s music. I hadn’t seen his music before, and was blessed to “meet” his wife through the video as well.

And lastly, as my mind was reeling from the bombardment of music-related content, another online friend and brother shared a video – The Sweet Will of God – that was yet another blessing. Not only for the music and lyrics themselves, but also because my favorite type of vocal music is a cappella with great harmonies, and this has got it!

So wow, it’s all about the music today! And I think I’ll be making some myself before too long as well. But first, my grandson Leelan just texted a song that he wants me to listen to – so I’ll do that first…

Thanks for letting me share with you!


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