Thursday Thoughts – July 29, 2021 Edition

This week’s thoughts are going to be a little different, as I have several things that have passed through my mind this week and, though I don’t remember them all, I think I’ll share whatever goes through for the next 24 hours! I just thought of it at 11:00 p.m. so it won’t be posted until late on Thursday. But it’s an experiment, so let’s see how it goes, shall we?

I must be getting used to using the air fryer we bought in Kentucky this past spring. As I’m watching recipe videos online or on TV/Roku I’m doing the math in my head automatically to convert them from conventional oven to air fryer!

Both listening to the Word be read and reading along myself is so much more beneficial! Faith comes by hearing after all… I prefer Max McLean’s readings, which I listen to HERE while I follow along at

My dad always taught me the importance of taking every opportunity to brighten someone’s day. Whether it’s a smile or a sincere compliment or just listening for a few minutes, we never know when those heartfelt gestures will be a lifeline for someone…or even just help make a good day better! The flowers and landscaping here at the Saginaw VA (yes, 3rd time we’re here in 6 days!) are lovely – stunning, actually! And today I finally saw someone working on them so I could take the opportunity to tell him so, and also thank him for his service. The job they do is amazing, and whose day isn’t brightened by sunny, colorful flowers?

When we got home I needed a nap. As I was drifting in and out I had one of those “reality” emergency room shows on the TV, and a young man who had a traumatic injury was afraid of course. And there was a nurse on the show that, as soon as I saw him I thought, “He’s a brother in Christ!” and sure enough at one point he asked to pray with the teenager and his parents! I immediately prayed that if I find myself in a trauma center (or even any hospital!) that God would send such a nurse to pray with me too.

I guess I only had 4 thoughts today…or maybe only 4 that I can remember? Anyway that’s it :).

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – July 29, 2021 Edition

  1. Sometimes it is the quiet times when thoughts can be in our minds. The rat race of todays world with all its commotion that bombard our senses keeps thoughts at bay.
    Sometimes during the quiet times, we get thoughts and wonder where they came or come from.
    You have a lot of thoughts while you drive, sometimes you share those thoughts with me, sometimes not. I try not to interrupt your train of thoughts.

    I once thought I had a thought but then again I thought that it might not be a thought I had but thought that I had had a thought or maybe it was a thought that I had thought I had thought. LOL

    1. HAHAHAHA, that’s such a Pete thing to say :). I don’t usually even know where my thoughts are going when I drive, I just let them think and pray and don’t usually even remember most afterward. But the ones I do remember I usually tell you, if not in the car, then later.

  2. Maybe that is why God wants us to go into our closet to pray… we would or should be the only one besides God in the closet. Just a thought.

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