Thursday Thoughts – July 22, 2021 Edition: It’s Not About Covid

…it’s about death.

That’s a bold statement, I know. But hear me out here, please.

Everything I read about avoiding covid is in the context of avoiding death. That is precisely why people want to avoid getting covid – or any illness – that has a risk of causing death. Bear in mind that the risk of death is 100% for every single one of us. Yet we try to avoid it, or at least put it off, at any cost, as if nothing were more important than adding years to our lives.

Yet given the fact that leaving this earth is inevitable, why do so many people not prepare for death? Whatever we die from, whether a virus or drowning or a stroke, what comes after is what matters. Though we try so desperately to stay here, in these bodies on this planet, our time here is but the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things. Then comes forever which never ends.

When we get up in the morning we eat breakfast. This prepares us for what is to come, for whatever activities we will be doing that day. Breakfast isn’t an end in itself, it is merely preparation for the day – fueling our bodies to give us the energy we need. It isn’t an end in and of itself. We don’t say, “I sure hope this breakfast never ends! I’d better cook more bacon in case my plate becomes empty, I can’t run out of food!” Of course not! And I can go a step further, most of us eat the best breakfast we can to prepare for what’s ahead (I would hope!), eating maybe a low-sugar bran muffin and some fruit with a slice of lean ham and a glass of juice is what many people would consider the best way to prepare ourselves and our bodies for the day. Yet others may waste their opportunity to prepare, choosing a frosted cinnamon roll and a glass of chocolate milk, and when they don’t have the sustained energy they need, it’s too late.

In my example, of course, we’re talking about a temporary meal that is fueling a temporary body, temporarily. We will have to keep refueling as our body requires.

In the same way, these few years we’re given to prepare for forever will end, just as breakfast ends. When a meal ends, our choices will determine how well we will get through the day. When our time in the world ends, our choices will determine how we will get through eternity.

Don’t fear your death; prepare for it. It is going to happen and none of us has control over that.

Don’t fear your day; eat a good breakfast, while you can.

This article will be continued with my upcoming Supernal Sunday – July 25, 2021 Edition post.


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