2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – July 14, 2022

  1. Oh Sherry! I’m so very sorry. I DO read everything you post, but don’t always comment. I hope you didn’t injure anything seriously from your fall…maybe bumps-n’-bruises, but nothing more serious. Otherwise, I think it’s the weather. That affects my own arthritis, to the point when sometimes I can hardly function. I sincerely hope you feel better tomorrow, especially since you have to go inside for a vet visit. I send my love…

    1. Thanks Annette…slipping into depression so it’s hard to see much of anything in a positive light at the moment even though, of course, I have plenty to be positive about and I know that. The vet visit was difficult, no doubt about it…lots has transpires since I wrote (and then deleted) all of this and I’m not sure I’ll even go into it all…but life goes on and we get dragged along with it :). I hope you’re having a good weekend, love to you too!

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