Thursday Thoughts: July 1, 2021 Edition – It Only Took A DAY!

A week ago I wrote about our Suburban and some issues we were having. Read that first, if you don’t remember the details.

Since I wrote that I have spent almost NO time looking at car ads. But I have been praying. And so has Pete. And trusting. Because prayer without trust isn’t even worth doing. I’ve been figuring that, since we’re leaving in a few days on our trip, we’d spend the entire interim trying to find something that would work for us…

This morning Pete got up and, as he does the first of every month, went to our bank and then to the credit union to take care of the payments that we receive and divvy the money up to where it needs to be. While at the credit union he just decided, on a whim, to take a drive around the dealership lot next door. At this point in time there is a lack of used inventory everywhere (ask me if you want to know why – there’s no point in getting off track here), which explains why prices are so high at the bigger dealers. And this dealer was no different. As Pete was about to leave, a salesman – Ken – came out to see if he could be of assistance. Pete told him what we needed, and his description was pretty exact. Ken told Pete what he already knew: there was nothing on the lot that fit his description. BUT “we just got a trade-in yesterday that’s getting checked out and detailed at the moment…that might work for you…?”

After looking at it and learning more about it, Pete texted me and said, “I think we have the car!” Oh me of little faith had my doubts, since we hadn’t even gone out to start looking yet (which I was dreading anyway) but I told him that was good, and I’d go back to look at it with him.

NOW, as I’d written last Thursday, we pay cash for our cars and we weren’t quite yet in a position to buy it outright. So there was that…but I should have known that God knows what He’s doing…

We hadn’t test-driven the car yet because it was still getting ready for prime time, but Pete called the credit union and talked to the account person there, and was simply told, “If you drive it and want to buy it just let me know and I’ll have the paperwork ready for you to sign.” WHAT?!?

After it was ready, Pete and I drove over to look at it. It is newer than our Suburban and has moderate mileage, on average of 11k/yr, which is fine…it has a heavy duty tow package and can tow more than the Suburban, though it doesn’t have to…the interior is a neutral color so Maisie’s hair doesn’t show up as well (yes, that was a concern!)…it was more than we really wanted to spend but since God is the one Who was making the finance thing happen, that wasn’t really a concern to us…in other words, it filled the bill perfectly!

Within a couple of hours the credit union had Pete’s signature, the dealership had their check, and we were on our way to Casey’s to show off our new-to-us shiny black Cadillac Escalade!

The things I had to trust God for: to provide something that would fit us + 2 dogs + 2 bird cages, have the towing package it would need to bring Junior where we wanted to go (and where He wanted to send us), provide it soon enough that we had time to get ready for our trip, keep us from having to waste time and gas to drive around in a breaking-down Suburban looking at cars in an attempt to find one that would work for us, provide the funds/means to pay for it, etc. And He provided it all. Immediately. Done, done, and DONE!

This, my friends, is how we do life. We pray, I sometimes have doubts but confess them and He shores up my faith AND meets our needs. Every. Single. Time. In His way, on His terms, and in OUR best interest. There are those who complain, “I pray for stuff and God never gives it to me!” – well, I can address that too from my own experience but that’s a topic for another post. For now, I want to thank Him for His faithfulness and for His care of us, always ALWAYS meeting our needs in His way, which is the best way. We never want to go back to the days of trying to do life without Him.

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    1. Oh yeah – I’d taken some but forgot to include them! I added them to the bottom, the post is updated! Thanks for the reminder 🤗

        1. I don’t see you logged in, either here or “behind the scenes”…? If it continues I will contact the place I bought it and see what they say.

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