Thursday Thoughts, Dec. 30, 2021 Edition: Changes Are Coming!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this site’s role as well as how it fits into the big picture of my social media activities. Is it accomplishing that which I intended? Do I need to set different goals or update my intentions? Does it fit in with my overall vision? Is its purpose still to centralize the things I share? Or has it helped me to achieve my biggest goal, that of eliminating my use of Big Tech centralized platforms? My answers to these questions have helped me to re-think my purposes and goals for

Sometime after things settle I will begin making a few changes to my site. The grands will be here for a few days which means I will likely not have much undisturbed online time (which is as it should be!) so the changes will wait while I continue to think them through and mentally make my plans, though I’ve been thinking about these things for weeks already!

First, this has become much more than a blog over the last 18 months, it’s purpose is now that of a website moreso than a blog. Also, people tend to be turned off by the word “blog”, thinking they’re going to get into boring or divisive or opinionated pages of text. So the “ok I’ll have a look” tends to mean more of a “? whatever” than a “can’t wait to see it!”

Second, I want to reduce the number of posts without reducing the content. So other than the video/vlog posts and the memes posts, I will create a single post for everything else each day that I have multiple things to share. If I’m not wording this clearly you’ll see what I mean when I actually do it.

Third, I have gradually been “mirroring” my content on Savior Connect, sharing my blog posts and videos there. I am also going to start sharing My Latest News & Updates (microblogging) notes there as well, most likely within my timeline. There are multiple reasons for this: (a) I love that site and would love to see more friends there, and (b) I have long felt that I should be sharing various things from my own site elsewhere on social media. Though Savior Connect is already plenty active and doesn’t need my help to continue growing, I think if people knew it was there they’d love it too; occasionally sharing a link to one of my posts elsewhere would help spread that word about this fantastic Christian resource. There is a LOT more there than a timeline!

I have a group on Savior Connect – We Love Our Pets – and a page – Everything Michigan – too! And Pete is also active on Savior Connect :).

Fourth, and as I have mentioned before, I will start sharing my vlogs on Odysee (as well as the other sites I currently use) soon. Rather than repeat myself you can follow the link to that post for the whys and wherefores of this decision and what it will mean – if anything – to you.

Fifth I really want to create and share more music posts. My struggles with pain and the ability to sit up for any periods of time have hindered me in this regard. But I’m working on – nay, carrying out – some things that may help with that! I sure hope so, anyway.

Lastly, I will soon begin ramping up my activity on Gab, though my reasons are not the same as the reasons on any of the other platforms. I already share my videos on GabTV, and am deciding what else might fit in well there, given the platform’s own purpose and goals.

FEAR NOT, however! The most popular things I post – Tuesday Titters, Wednesday Wags, Friday Funnies, and Caturday – will not change in any way, shape, or form :). Everybody loves to laugh, and “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine…” according to Proverbs 17:22 – we can all use a dose of that kind of medicine in these trying times, right? So no changes there!

(At the final 2 sites where I am most active – Mewe, which I check into once or twice a day for a few minutes, and There’s Life on Mastodon, where I spend probably the biggest chunks of time every day, I think already fit into my overall social media plan.)

I hope you all have a wonderful 2022 as God continues to unveil His perfect will in our lives and in all of His creation!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts, Dec. 30, 2021 Edition: Changes Are Coming!

  1. Happy New Year! ???Enjoy the much needed time for rest and renewal today. Hope you and your family have a wonderful time together.

    You probably already read “Intercessors For America” each day, and interact with their community online. If you haven’t read the New Year prayers today, I will try to attach a link to their site for you.

    1. Happy new year! Thanks for the link, I checked it out last night, good stuff! Our country has such great needs, only our Father can help us…I will continue to intercede as well. I hope your 2022 is full of joy and peace in Jesus❣️

        1. Haven’t heard of it, it sounds like something I’d like, although I’ve heard of Mario Murillo – maybe quoted on social media? I don’t know…but I will follow that link, thanks!!! I wish I had more time to see all the great stuff that’s out there, doggone it!

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