Thursday Thoughts – Dec. 17, 2020 Edition

We see problems around us and around the world that we talk about or complain about on social media – it happens all the time. Fire up any forum or chat site and you will see people who talk about everything that needs to be done. Of all those you’ve seen in the last week, for example, how many have actually done something about it? Using my own experience I will conservatively say I see a dozen every day (though it’s actually many, many more!), and of those, nary a one has lifted a finger to try to solve whatever issue or problem about which they’re complaining. In fact, I can’t recall anyone in the last month that has gotten away from their electronics long enough to actually do anything about anything.

We have become a nation of comfort-seekers. We want to do our part, as long as it doesn’t take away from our lives of ease. We are content to watch others do what needs to be done because we had a bad day at work, or planned on sleeping in on Saturday, or whatever. If we balk at doing something that might inconvenience us, how much more do we shirk away when a real sacrifice is involved?

There was a not-too-long-ago time when it was expected that we make sacrifices, give up a comfort, or even risk physical pain to help a neighbor, work on a neighborhood project, mow the lawn at church, paint an elderly widow’s home, or any one of a million things that would make our world – or at least our little corners of it – into a better place.

On a bigger scale, our own country is a mess right now. People are literally starving to death. Parents are trapped with their need for help, especially single parents trying to do it all. The needs of our veterans and our elderly are ignored. Homelessness is everywhere. And yes, we talk about how terrible it all is…

When our main goals in life are ease, comfort, freedom from stress or pain or frustration…we can’t fully grow, can’t accomplish, can’t serve, can’t do great things. And our world – our nation – our neighborhoods – need some pretty great things done right now… What do you think? Should we sacrifice a little of our ease to make a difference? Or just sit behind our screens and talk about it?


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