Thursday Thoughts – Aug. 19, 2021 Edition

These thoughts were brought to mind by the Holy Spirit as I read a wonderful blog post yesterday, based upon Jude 24-25. It isn’t often that several thoughts jump out at me from such a short passage, but this was one of those times.

The first phrase is “…present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy…” I often hear people talk about going to heaven because they want to see those who left the world before they did. Or they can’t wait to eat at that “banqueting table” that the song His Banner Over Me Is Love talks about – also mentioned in Scripture of course, many places such as Isaiah 25 and Luke 14. And a lot of people want to be reunited with a beloved pet. But in this passage, the excitement that should fill the believer’s soul is clearly expressed: great joy to be in His presence! There is nothing that, to me, matters more! Oh, I have other hopes about what I may experience there, such as being able to sing praises to Him without getting tired, since that’s one of my favorite things to do here too. But I’ve always felt that heaven is about Jesus, first and foremost, so I get a real thrill when reading this, and similar, verse(s)!

“…Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever…” is the other one. Thinking about that…that we’re down here on earth with multiple authorities holding dominion over us. BUT, while that’s going on down here, there is a massive, beyond-imagination dominion that existed before and will exist forever after this world and everything in it has passed away – and to THAT Power, our Lord, Jesus the Christ Who even now, while you’re reading this, is interceding on your behalf with the Father…the glory that He holds, the majesty that we can’t even think about with our little human brains…WE WILL EXPERIENCE THAT! Can you even imagine??? Seeing God is His glory…that majestic perfect beloved Son, in their Kingdom…just think about THAT the next time these little worldly authorities try to throw around their power!

Wow! Many people are saying that current world events mean that Christ’s return is imminent. I hope they are right. But even so, the timing is the Father’s, and His alone. And even so, whether I join Him from my daily life here, or from the grave: I. Can’t. WAIT!!!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Aug. 19, 2021 Edition

  1. I try to imagine but am certain that the things of heaven are indescribably beyond our most remote possibilities to understand. We have a lot to look forward to, both here and in heaven and, though we don’t know what that might look like, our knowledge and experience of the living God assures us that all will transcend our imagination and understanding!

    1. Even trying to discuss this feels so very lame, as though everything about God is lessened because we dare to understand in our humanness, which is, of course, impossible.
      Know what I mean?

      1. Yes I do. When I was writing the words it felt so inadequate, so small, like a little mouse squeak that’s barely audible. There’s no way to describe something so magnificent (not a big enough word!) that we can’t even understand it!

    2. That’s true…impossible to imagine something that is totally outside of our experience and compares to absolutely nothing on earth! But, as you point out, we can know it will be wonderful! After all, we’ll be with Jesus!

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