Thursday Thoughts – April 29, 2021 – KY Trip Post #2

It would have been a l-o-n-g two weeks without internet!

So after a long day of driving yesterday we made it to our destination..and discovered we had no cell signal on either our phones (AT&T) or our cellular mobile internet (Sprint) – absolutely nothing, not even a dot. Not. Good. News. There is campground internet here but anybody who stays in campgrounds knows that campground internet is worth its wait in fairy tales…

BUT we were exhausted, worn out, hot & sweaty, and done for the day. We didn’t get here until after dark but the wonderful owners had set aside a pull-through site, just in case, and we thankfully pulled in there, saw to the needs of our critters, and went to bed.

This morning we half-dragged ourselves out of bed (and I use the term loosely…Pete slept on one of the cushions on the floor, I slept on the jack-knifed davenport) and packed up to move to our reserved spot across the street. Which is another story in itself, as we’ve been living in our motorhome all these years and backing into spots with ease. We found out today that backing a travel trailer in was quite different! I will spare you all the details, and just tell you that the fantastic owners – or managers, we really need to figure out who is who here – once again came to our aid, and patiently talked Pete through the process while I stayed in the trailer to help keep the critters calm. By the way, it is a COMPLETELY different feel to ride in a travel trailer than in the motorhome! Which is why our furred and feathered babies were nervous about it…

Eventually, after getting ourselves set up for the first time – remember, we’ve had “Junior” for a year but only used him on our lot for Pete’s ham shack…never actually camped in him – I cleaned and organized my stuff in the available cabinet and “my” sleeping area, and Pete put the things away in the kitchen with my supervision. Then Pete put up the Wifi Ranger to see if it would help…and it DID!!! The internet here, while not exactly zippy, is certainly much faster than our mobile cellular internet at the motorhome! Plus we discovered 22 OTA TV stations – WOW!!!

So Pete fixed himself a couple of burritos and turned on the TV, and I sat on the davenport to enjoy the fruits of our labors in the now-tidy, homey trailer… When I woke up several hours later Pete and Chuy were asleep in his “bedroom”. Junior is a 21′ hybrid travel trailer and the plan has been for Pete to use one of the pull-out beds and me to use the davenport since I wouldn’t be able to get in and out of the other pull-out bed. He has quite a lot of space in his bedroom, he has his banjolele and laptop set up in there, quite a cozy spot!

And it’s been raining all day. And when it wasn’t raining, it was POURING! So we’re surrounded in mud…the only shoes I brought were my crocs and when Maisie and I stepped out the door earlier they were instantly filled with mud, squishing between my toes when I walked…we don’t have the water turned on yet because there is something going on with the toilet (I don’t know what it is, that’s what Pete said), and we’ll go into nearby – 13 miles away – Harrodsburg to Walmart later today so he can fix it. And…

…because we packed lightly, intending to go shopping once we were here for all the things we only found out we’d need once we got here since it’s the first time we’ve camped in him…we have a lot to buy! We don’t shop at Walmart (it’s a values thing, we’re careful to choose what our dollars subsidize) but that’s going to be the place today.

So, that’s the story of our first 20 hours at the Cummins Ferry RV Resort and Marina on the Kentucky River. I will be writing a lot more during the following 13 days though, and LOTS of pictures once the rain stops!! For now I can say that the people that run this place are GREAT, the surroundings are FANTASTIC, and everything is clean and maintained beautifully from what we’ve seen so far. But stay tuned, there will be lots more!

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts – April 29, 2021 – KY Trip Post #2

  1. God has seen us through many trials on the way here – and while we are here. Through it all, God’s been GOOD to us. This is our vacation – and Sherry has a birthday in a few days (May 5 aka Cinco De Mayo).
    We will get to enjoy things more once I am sure our water supply is working and we will have water we won’t have to haul in. Hoping that will happen later today. (Sunday, May 2nd).
    I still have to get the magnet set up for magnet fishing, make the WiFIRanger more secure and hoping I can get an antenna up to talk on the ham radio – though not sure what I could reach being down in this Kentucky River valley.. Got my morning pills taken and need to get my morning soup (designed to help fight the metastatic cancer). Everyone have a blessed Sunday.

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