Thursday Thoughts – April 15, 2021 Edition: What I Love

I mean “love” in the “like a lot” sense, not seriously LOVE…anyway there are a few things that I want to share just because they make me happy, or do what they do extraordinarily well, or just are generally wonderful. In no particular order.

Cheez-It Snap’d, double cheese flavor: These things are crispy, cheesy, have a very slight sweet tone, and just salty enough. @ 1g carb per chip they’re an indulgence, not a daily pleasure, so I only buy them occasionally. As one of our replacements this business is fantastic! Extremely quick to deliver orders, great prices and service, and a wide selection of health care products! Right here in Michigan, this company sells first aid, biohazard, and safety supplies. They have replaced for one of my hard-to-find-at-a-decent-price OTC meds, and even beat what I used to pay! I was also pleasantly surprised to find various other things there that we use at unbeatable prices. And their service is efficient with quick delivery.

My DragonTouch tablet: I wasn’t a die-hard-nothing-made-in-China shopper (no, I don’t even shop at the Dollar Tree anymore!) at the time I bought these for Pete and I, or I wouldn’t have discovered this. But I have had more different tablets than most over the last few years, and this is by far my favorite in every way. This isn’t a review so I’ll leave it at that. It’s superior to all of the others I’ve tried, in every way.

Small-town Shopping: As we have moved away from the massive corporate stores who use our money for things we’d never support otherwise, I have rediscovered small single shops, restaurants, and the like. I love that their service is overall superior, prices competitive or better, and location is perfect. I choose these stores for anything that I can get locally, and their bigger-but-still-not-too-far in-town counterparts are my next choice. (Living within an Amish community several miles from the nearest town means that we support their businesses heavily also.)

Overall we shop to support our values and our neighbors now…a big change from years past but one we were led to make within the last year or so. And are glad we did!

I realized as soon as I started this post that I could go on to list hundreds of things I love – it’s a very broad category! – but these are the first that came to mind so I will save some for next time.


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