Thursday Thoughts. AND Thursday Truth. Dec. 15, 2022 Edition

What weighs heavily on my mind a lot these days is the lack of maturity that used to come with age by life experience. The older we got the wiser we got. After all, the phrase “older and wiser”, like most others, come from truth. As I peruse social media and other online sites I often shake my head at how much more slowly that happens. In some cases it doesn’t happen at all. They show no growth or maturity. My own opinion is that because of social media people just reinforce the same things over and over again with each other, never challenging thoughts or opinions as times change. That wasn’t as much of a thing pre-internet. People were intermingled with other people, nobody asked about anyone politics, religion, sex life (ew!), financial status, or anything else BEFORE getting to know – and usually get along with – them. Now, we feel we have to know all of that and more before we will condescend to become acquainted. And social media makes it easy to keep ourselves tucked up into our own little like-with-like groups where we can huddle and ridicule and snigger at those who are different, rather than growing in understanding.

So here are some memes (in case you haven’t noticed, I love memes!) of life lessons that have come to me with experience and maturity over the years, that I have learned to be true, and that resonate with me on this two-for-one-Thursday. And, as usual, if you are sensitive to truths or opinions that different from your own, leave now because I don’t want to hear any complaints afterward – you have been warned…gently and with love, but warned nonetheless.


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