Thrift Store/Aldi Haul

Pictures rather than video – YAY! Flip through, see what wonders we found and how much $ we saved today!

These were a GREAT find! Since our little male dog – who shall remain nameless – tends to potty in the house whenever he’s left alone or during the night (mostly) we are just thankful he’s trained to use these! Actually all of our dogs have been, from one of them way back, so far I don’t recall which it was, and they have taught each new dog that’s been added to the family over the years. Anyway, they’re pricey, but we found them for 99¢/pack! So we bought a dozen packs, nearly all they had…but left some for others who also may need some at such a bargain price.

Maisie sheds. Nay, she SHEDS! Constantly. 24/7/365. There’s no such thing as a spring or autumn shed, there’s only a continual shed. I could make an entire post about this…so I’ll move on. On my worst days I spend my time packed in pillows on my bed. And she of course stays with me, usually next to me. She also lays on my legs at bedtime (and other times) as one of her jobs is to reduce the pain and/or spasms. So she’s on the bed with me a lot. We got a BIG sheet to lay over the top to protect our covers and pillows so we’re not spitting out Maisie hair all night. This will be easier to shake out than a blanket or comforter too. We’ll use the fitted sheet over the davenport when we have company (same reason), and who doesn’t need an extra pillow case?

A pan. With birds in the house we can’t use most nonstick, but these ceramic-lined pans are great! I’ve wanted a smaller one than our others for a long time. I don’t remember what I wanted it FOR, but I know I’ve wished I had one on multiple occasions. So we’ll clean it up and put it in the drawer with the others. $3.99

I was looking for a necklace that wasn’t fancy but I could put on with a shirt that has a large open neckline. This is the one I chose ($1.99), it has several “shades” of silver bangles on it.

I didn’t intend to buy any clothes, but this pattern and colors caught my eye. Since I wear lots of gray or black pants I will get a lot of use out of it, too! ($3.99)

And then on to Aldi!

My heavy cream and half’n’half, and Pete’s organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

We eat a lot of cheese! And Pete loves his “nacho salads”. (No, he shouldn’t have animal products at all…but since he does, at least he gets organic!)

aaaaaand MORE cheese!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE sour cream? Especially mixed with salsa, for dipping pork rinds….mmmmm…..

Sunday is pizza day around here. I take my white kidney bean extract and have some pizza too – and yes I know about grain-free low carb pizza crust recipes, though the whole point of pizza on Sunday is no cooking, no cleanup. I eat what I want, then freeze the rest until the next Sunday that I want pizza.


I use these as the base for meals for Pete. After adding veggies and sometimes sauces and adding a sliced tomato or a salad he has a hearty meal. I’m considering making the lentils into burgers for him this time.

On the way home we stopped at a “dollar” store where everything isn’t a dollar but most things are, I think it’s Dollar Daze? But don’t quote me on that…

I LOVE these clips! My hair is way too overgrown at the moment, so I always clip it back before I put on my hat. These are so quick! I usually get the silver ones that match my hair color for 20¢ each but couldn’t resist these @ 24 for $1.19!

Finally, I got these at the same place. I use them as a stand for my tablet, which I set up on my nightstand so I can watch shows or videos when I’m on – or in – the bed.

Our internet is cellular because it’s all we can get in this very rural area. And it is extremely slow with very little bandwidth. We can either watch TV (Roku), or we can use (an)other device(s), but not both. So I watch shows on my tablet which consumes MUCH less bandwidth. That way Pete can still be on his computer, or his own tablet.

All that to say, these make very handy tablet stands for watching, or to use with my bluetooth keyboard.

So there you have it! Here was the sum total of our fun shopping we did while in the city yesterday! Hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed doing it 😊

8 thoughts on “Thrift Store/Aldi Haul

    1. Hi Dave & Shirley!!!
      How ya be??
      Good to ‘see’ you here, since I am no longer on facebook (which I left a very long time ago).
      Will watch for your posts here! 🙂

  1. Super cool! Great and fun finds!! Just reading it brought joy to my soul – well almost. I love a great find, especially when it is also a great deal!! 🙂

  2. Sherry, love all the things you got…..great deal on the pee pee pads….also I didn’t know they had organic cheese at Aldi’s I will have to check again…..I go there but not to often since it is a bit of a drive….I love those rice packs I get them at Costco in a box and I love them….haven’t seen those flavors though….that would be great to make a burger out of the lentil one bet you can find a recipe that adds a few more ingredients an will make it great…..I use those black things you got to hold the tablet up for holding signs up that I love at the Dollar Tree in my house love them… had a great haul… your shirt as well really pretty. My favorite thrift store here recently closed because they just couldn’t make it after being shut down…..I really miss it….Got two dresses there for $3.00 dollars you saw one in the pic I sent you…..I have so much stuff from there all over my Have a great Friday evening… ya….:-)….Debbie

    1. Yes, that dress was really cute and looked good on you too! Sometimes Pete and I get tempted to go Thrift store shopping just for something to do but we have too much stuff as it is so lately we’ve been rethinking that!
      Aldi has a LOT of organic stuff at excellent prices, ours is about 18 miles from here but when we’re going to that city anyway I always stop. They’re opening a Big Lots down there too, which I also like, so that’s exciting.
      I didn’t know those rice packets were at Costco! Our nearest one is about 100 miles away BUT they’re building one right near Casey’s, less than a mile from her (across from the campground we stayed at for a couple of winters), so that is VERY exciting!! We are avoiding Walmart and Sam’s, sick to death of their politics and rules, what happened to a business being the best business they can and just serving their customers, when did they decide they had to divide even their customers by their own politics? We avoid stores who aren’t concentrating on just being stores now, we’ve had it. And there’s my rant for the day hahaha!
      Love you too, and am loving being able to “talk” to you via these comments :).

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