Thirteen Thursday Thoughts – Jan. 19, 2023 Edition

1 – My idea of cooking is to look at a whole bunch of recipes – so many that I don’t remember the details of any of them – then go into the kitchen and experiment. People ask me all the time what’s my gift…no gift, just planting others’ ideas and letting my brain reformulate them.

2 – I wonder if my body will ever again be able to keep up with my brain again!

3 – I wonder where the turkeys went…we’ve had turkeys – dozens of them – hanging out in our yard since we moved here nearly 3 years ago. Suddenly they disappeared. We don’t see any. Anywhere. Friend about 80 miles away reports the exact same thing with “his” 50-or-so daily turkeys. At the same time.

4 – WHY did we never consider living in a 5th wheel before? We’ve lived in Class A motorhomes since 2015…just bought our first 5th wheel a few weeks ago…it is WONDERFUL!

5 – Every single day I am more happy to be away from FB and Twitter and IG and the others…and more thankful for Gab and the Fediverse (especially Mastodon and Pixelfed)…for so many reasons…

6 – As much as I love my parrots, philosophically I am opposed to the keeping of them as pets. All of mine over the years (dozens) have been rescues or rehomes; only one did I buy from a high-quality, low-volume breeder. Rescuing and giving them the best possible lives, in spite of captivity, helps my soul.

7 – Speaking of rescues…14 dogs in my lifetime, all but one was a rescue or rehomed with me.

8 – Speaking of helping my soul…it sometimes tortures me that I can’t stop the suffering in the world. But doing what I to help just one person, one family, one animal, one situation at a time helps bring some sort peace to my heart.

9 – Speaking of peace…there is only one thing that brings total peace to my heart: knowing that God has a plan. That nothing can get in the way, or stop, that plan. That God has already won, and he is already there, in the future.

10 – It sure feels good to be “done” with the house – Myrtle – and be able to just live in it and enjoy it. I love our little tiny space!

11 – It is so strange that I love doing cardiac rehab so much, I’ve always been more of a slug, either sat at a desk or on a piano bench most of my waking hours, most days. On the days I don’t go I miss it. Very much looking forward to getting a membership at a gym…imagine that? ME! At a GYM!

12 – My interest in the internet – generally – and social media – specifically – tends to be cyclical, much like the rest of life. This is a recent development, probably because I spend more time online than I used to, when I was able to be more physically active. But I always love the peoples!

13 – It took all day to think of 13 things – that’s why this is going up so late – so I’m going to use that fact as my last “thought”. I earned it.

7 thoughts on “Thirteen Thursday Thoughts – Jan. 19, 2023 Edition

  1. This was certainly an interesting and thought-provoking read. I enjoyed thinking through YOU! Keep-up the good work! Love sent…

    1. My original intent was to do one of these every Thursday…but I never think enough thoughts hahaha! Thanks, Annette, love to you too!

  2. Regarding turkeys…that caught my attention. And I checked…they have been declining in numbers almost everywhere (Georgia to Ohio). One author last July made note of when the young hatch and then checked weather conditions at that time… “What finished the local turkeys probably was rain and cold – deadly to newly hatched poults – during a string of cool, wet Mays. Given that wild turkeys live an average of three to five years, only a few years without a successful hatch can wipe out a flock, especially when a gallery of killers keeps on the job to pick off stragglers.”
    The good news is that new flocks will probably return to your area because you have the kind of environment they like best.

    1. INTERESTING!!!! Because this is the first spring we didn’t have any babies come to visit, either! I never even considered that there might be a connection! We also have killers, and hear the coyotes at night all the time. Probably they are picking off the ones that no longer fly up into the trees… Good to know, thanks, Don, I will make sure Pete sees this too! (I didn’t know that their lifespan was so short either, we have a couple of big toms that have been here since we moved to this spot, it will be 3 years in May.) I’m glad there’s hope for the future too :). Appreciate the info!

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