The Trip That Wasn’t

So when we left last year’s reunion up in Marquette, MI – about 8 hours north of us – we made plans and reservations to attend again this year. It is a reunion of the security police from Pete’s Air Force days and the reminiscing was something he’d really enjoyed. Like last year, we were going to drive up and enjoy a week in that beautiful area before the reunion itself next weekend.

This year we spent the week getting ready, getting a new trailer hitch and air shocks put on the Suburban to prepare for the trip, and then getting up before dawn this morning to finish packing up Junior (our smaller travel trailer) so we could travel before it got too hot outside. It’s supposed to be up to the mid-90’s for the foreseeable future, which is way too hot for us Michiganders…but it is to be about 10° cooler near Lake Superior.

Now Pete had gotten word about a week ago that the main dinner was being canceled due to issue with covid-19 restrictions at their chosen venue, but since it seemed a lot of people were still going to be at the campground, he chose to go anyway. But this morning, we were about 2 hours into our trip when he saw online that the reunion was canceled altogether. So he made the call to turn around and come back home instead. (It was totally his call and I made sure I didn’t try to influence him either way.)

In spite of the extreme heat he did manage to get everything unpacked and brought back into the house, including parrots in their cages, food, dogs, etc. But now that we’re back, unpacked, and had a nap, I’m happy to just relax in our motorhome, in the beautiful surroundings in which we live, with my beloved Pete, for the duration.

And in the end, at least we had a trial run packing up Junior with the parrots and dogs and everything we’d need for a week away, a few hours of driving experience, and unpacking again – all in one day! This will come in handy the next time we decide to take a little trip!

8 thoughts on “The Trip That Wasn’t

  1. Sherry, I’m so sorry Pete missed the meeting he was looking forward to attending. Sending love and hugs, Jodi

    1. There have been a lot of disappointments from canceled events this year, haven’t there…we know that it’s all in God’s plan for us though, so we’ll have a fun week anyway :). Stay cool dear friend, and scritches to Miss Katie!

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