The Best 6:52 Minutes I Spent Online Tonight

I really wanted to embed this, but it wouldn’t cooperate so here’s the link. Very inspiring! This is a social media platform and mission that I can fully support – listen to the CEO’s statement and you will see why.

2 thoughts on “The Best 6:52 Minutes I Spent Online Tonight

  1. I’m coming to love Gab, not just because it does things the way I approve, but because of this whole ethos laid out by its founder. Christian patriotism, who’d have thought there was still a place for it?

    1. I agree! It is becoming more and more rare. Every time I see people accuse him of making it something it’s not I either wonder what “gab” they’re going to, or realize that they haven’t taken the time to get to know it. Every site will have detractors of course, I’m talking about those who spew hatred about it though…which come to think of it, indicates a carnal mindset that can’t understand anyway and a need for Jesus.

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