Supernal Sunday – October 8, 2023 Edition (with alt-texts)

I almost didn’t put up a Supernal Sunday post today. I am really struggling right now, incredibly sad. Hard to concentrate. Etc. I’ve been spending time reading about hope. My hope is in the Lord, there is no doubt about that. It doesn’t mean that the things that happen in this world don’t grieve me. Sometimes it is overwhelming in fact…and I turn to the Word. I’ve been in prayer all day as I do other things (mostly cry). And God’s words of hope have brought comfort even in my pain. So instead of not posting, I’m going to share them with you.

(Feel free to listen to the music that I specially chose as you read through these words. I believe this piece will enhance your experience.)

4 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – October 8, 2023 Edition (with alt-texts)

    1. Thank you my girl…I’m not struggling as much as they are, I kept reminding myself of that. I’m “just” grieving. I love you too💝

  1. These are perfect after what happened last weekend. It was a truly Biblical event. Your memes in response are timed excellently.

    1. My heart is so heavy for them…I keep reminding myself that God has a plan…so many things have been prophesied and must come to pass before Jesus returns…it still hurts to see though.

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