Supernal Sunday – May 7, 2023 Edition: Observations

At yesterday’s pig roast that we hosted here at our home we had about 30 guests. As I looked around at them and at our surroundings I marveled at how we came to that moment.

Every single person there had a part. Every relationship, whether familial or friendsome, had a place and a purpose; nobody was accidentally at that party, or in my life. And each one of them could, in a roomful of their own invitees to an event, could say the same…and each of those invitees…

And that place. Looking around at our home, at our geography, at every detail of the surroundings and each object in my view. None of it there by accident, every bit of it having a reason for being there – or for us being where we are. Of all the places we could be, where we have been, and where we will be, for that moment and in that time and with these people, everything was exactly as it should be.

There is a plan. A much bigger plan than any one of us can comprehend. A plan that serves a greater purpose than we will ever be able to see, much less understand.

There is a Master Planner at work.

And because of that, I have no need to question. I have no need to fear. I have no need to rely on my own feeble self.

A glimpse into the reason for my faith, plain as anything, as I looked around. I didn’t need a reason; it was a gift.

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