Supernal Sunday – May 5, 2024 Edition

Today’s post is along the same topic lines as yesterday’s Saturday Social post, where I share what has been on my mind about living a Christian life and maintaining our walk with Jesus when we are living, working, and even worshiping among people who live for the world. The Bible addresses our relationships in the world in many places; I have shared a dozen of them below. It is more and more common, as the end of this age draws ever-nearer, to see believers conforming to the patterns of the world (ref. Romans 12:2).

As a continuation of yesterday’s more personal thoughts on this, I want to say that social media is not to blame. Sin is to blame. In social media, however, it is easier to say and do things that we may not do “IRL” (in real life; face-to-face), and I have seen more Christian hearts that have been living for Jesus gradually turn toward the world. Specifically, in this instance, in how they – we – treat others. (See also the links I shared in yesterday’s post.)

The Bible has the answers to this. As always, wisdom, knowledge, and obedience are key. Jesus already addressed the cause: sin. In our obedience to these, as well as many other passages, we can certainly maintain our Christian integrity and love online, as well as off; it is impossible to love as we scoff. It is impossible to walk with Jesus and the world. We need to make choices all of the time and every choice, every word and action, will either help us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, or to follow the world.

As always, use these verses as a starting-off point in your own reading and understanding of the Word, not as the entirety of the subjects; context is everything.

4 thoughts on “Supernal Sunday – May 5, 2024 Edition

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    Absolutely perfect scriptures for today’s times. Great job putting these together. To God be the glory.

  2. Happy Birthday to you. I Miss our conversations. My recovery is going well. I went through quite the battle for my soul awhile back. I am going to try and do a video on youtube as soon as i can about it. I left my youtube link in the website section. I will make an effort to drop in here more often now that things are calming down. My life has been very crazy since October of last year .

    Again, Happy Birthday !!

    1. Thanks, Sherry, it’s so good to hear from you :). I’m glad your recovery is going well! When I get a chance I will go see to your channel and see what’s new, I’m glad you wrote my friend!

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