Saturday Social – May 4, 2024 Edition

This weekend I’m doing something a little different. Today’s Saturday Social and tomorrow’s Supernal Sunday will be on the same topic but 2 different aspects of it. And this is nothing new; I’ve written before [HERE and HERE, most recently] about Christians, politics, social media, etc. so I won’t rehash all of that. Rather, I will explain some changes I will be making in my own use of social media as I seek more and more to live and love as Christ taught.

This is coming up again because the things that I’m seeing continue, as people are people, and always shall be. We can’t change others, nor should we try. However, we can change ourselves – our perspectives, our responses and reactions, and yes, even our views as we learn and grow. We CAN – but as with all of life we have choices to make in response to the people around us, the situations and environment, and what is appropriate.

That is what mature people do, rather than expecting the rest of the world to accommodate them. And there is the word: WORLD. There are many “Christians” who live as the world lives and treats people as the world treats others. I’m not talking about the occasional slip-up or over-reaction; I’m talking about typically or habitually, as I’ve written about previously.

The point of today’s post, then, is what I’m going to do about it. Yes, I am living in the world, and yes there is a lot that bothers me about worldly things, and yes even among “Christians” who are evidencing that they are living for the world. And I love them. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. It isn’t up to me to me to try to change or preach at anyone; I love and I pray. Meanwhile I also hurt; a lot of things that are said are hurtful such as ridicule and snide, scornful, or malicious talk – especially about other believers. And I need to separate myself from that.

I see it in the world, we all do. But sometimes it gets personal, such as directed at people I know and care about, or groups that are close to my heart, or even ideologies and strong beliefs that I hold dear. This isn’t something I can – or should (God teaches each of us in His way, not mine) – try to change. I’ve decided to walk away from situations, online and in person, where this is the norm. That means some connections that I enjoy will be broken but it is important to me to not “sit in the company of mockers” (Psalm 1:1)…

There are some hard choices in life and this is one. In tomorrow’s Supernal Sunday post I will share more about this. For now, I want to open the discussion of what’s going on in my heart, and where it is taking me.

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  1. How easy it is to ‘slip’ into the ways of the world, as that is where we live. But Jesus came to lift (save) us from the world’s ugly (the degree to which one considers the world ‘ugly’ – or not – is quite beside the point) and into his marvelous light, abundant life that only He can and does offer.
    My intent is to please God in all things, but my discernment is often poor, my self-control even worse, and my effort lame. By nature I don’t tend to make fun of others, but I fail in other ways regarding my treatment of others.
    Change starts in the heart, working its way into behavior changes. Sitting in the company of mockers seems to work the other way; our behavior, as well as that of those we ‘sit with’ hardens the heart.
    May God help us all to love as he wills and teaches.

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    This hits where I was reading the past few weeks- not loving the things of the world. Great job on these!
    Today, I saw an interview on LifeToday (James Robinson’s show) that is not directly related to my Bible reading. But, Chanda Pierce wrote a good summary that I will attempt to paste here in case you are interested…..

    Unrelenting, Coming-For-You Savior
    by Chonda Pierce
    I have a list of things I am horribly ashamed of. Most of them are tucked deep in the back of my mind. Many of them are faint memories, like a tiny scar barely noticeable after years of new growth, long chats with my counselor, and better choices and habits. I could have a Ph.D. in learning from my mistakes. And yes, I’ve made the same mistake twice to make sure I learned it. By going broke twice, I learned how to manage my money (or at least to stop being so gullible) — like don’t loan people money that you need yourself or that you know you are going to need paid back. Because 99.9999 percent of the time, you will never see it again. Don’t trust accountants who can’t count, and don’t trust managers who charge you 52 percent of your income. I like to see the good in people, but in show business, I have met some unscrupulous characters and lost a lot of money trusting them.

    I have learned to hold people more accountable for what they are supposed to be doing for me. For example, when I do a show, the promoter is supposed to do exactly what his title is — promote me. A promoter accidentally sent me an email that was clearly not intended for me. In it, he said Chonda is selling out, so let’s promote our other clients then lay the radio promotion cost onto her shows. Whoops.

    Those things hurt. They cause you to lose trust—even in good people. I want to trust, but sometimes the people I’ve trusted and believed had my best interests at heart really didn’t give one hoot about me. I also will never make the mistake again of spending money to make a DVD just to get on The Ellen DeGeneres Show or The Tonight Show. I am so past that…

    I just realized if I start listing all my mistakes, this is going to become a 1,200-page book. If the list of mistakes was all I let define me, it would be a waste of time for everyone. My advice is for you to learn from the mistakes you’ve made and don’t make them again.

    1. That is REALLY powerful stuff! Chandra has had some difficult life lessons hasn’t she…I have a lot of respect for her, always have…thank you for sharing that with me/us! PERFECT!

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